42 responses to “Absurd Birth Scenes – Knocked Up”

  1. Nat

    I wasn’t sure whether to watch the clip or not, was worried it might trigger me. I think it was sadly realistic of hospital birth and I wanted to punch the doctor when he said “You’ll have to do it the natural way now, just like you wanted”. Prick.

    1. Connie

      Well the natural way is the best.
      But watching this scene I never wanna have kids lol/

    2. Connie

      And also,,He is the Doctor,He obviously knows better and all he wants is to get the baby out safely.I agree with him. That bitch should stop moaning and listen to the Specialist.

  2. jelikin

    I have a question. Why doesn’t she have any pubic hair? Do hospitals shave it off or is it now fashionable for women to simply extend their leg shaving up to their crotch?

    Personally I think some pubic hair would have made it more realistic. It looked a little plasticy. Not that I spent an inordinate amount of time looking at it you understand.

    1. Jade

      Very common for young women to have most/all of their pubic hair waxed off.

    2. Carol

      she mentioned in the movie that she had it waxed for the birth because other people would be looking.

    3. S K

      Yes, as a 23 year old I can vouch for the act that just about everyone my age shaves it all off. Like to the point where it is really weird to see a girl our age with any hair down there.

      In fact, I heard a guy telling some of my guy friends a story about this “super hot chick” that the guy had been about to hook up with but apparently she took off her clothes and had an un-maintained bush, and he just turned around and walked out without saying a word. I couldn’t believe this guy could be such a pig, but I do know guys our age are used to shavenness, and could be thrown when encountering a women with a lot of pubic hair. The other boys there are better friends, and truly decent guys (most of the time anyway lol). One of them has even since become my loving bf/partner of over a year. So anyway I got them to throw in their 2 cents, and they said completely untamed pubic hair would be a turn-off, but they wouldn’t mind a well maintained smallish region. They did say, however, that they prefer fully shaved, as it looks and feels better. When I accused them of biase, since I doubted they ever shaved, they all said they regularly maintain, shave down, and sometimes shave completely as well, in their own man areas, which I did not know.

      I personally have shaved since I found out that I was “supposed to.” My friends informed me when I made a comment about someone else having no pubic hair, and I was very embarrassed. So that was why I started doing it, because everyone else did, but it feels better too, just the way shaved legs feels better, However, I get really bad razor bumps sometimes, and that totally sucks.

      Sorry to ramble, just explaining it. I know my age and under it’s expected, and I think it’s still common up until women that are about age 30ish now.

    4. S K

      However, If I was full term pregnant, I don’t think I’d be shaving legs, armpits, or crotch. I might just for the birth though, but maybe not. Birth involves a lot more natural and potentially gross things than a little pubic hair. I can’t believe some docs have a problem with that, they really need to grow up. I wonder if that doc. mentioned below shaved his a**hole, balls, and other pubic regions to “be polite” last time he got his prostate checked at the doctor. I don’t think so. And he isn’t carrying an extra life plus some on his stomach.

  3. Emsi

    Hmmmm….. no cord around the neck like the ob promised. Fancy that!

  4. mommymichael

    you left out the part where he takes the doctor outside and pretty much tells him to shove his attitude, she just wants a nice birth. and the doctor later comes back in acting slightly sorry… =)

    what all good birth partners should do!

  5. jelikin

    When I watch the clip it includes the part with the doctor and father having the private conversation and the doctor then apologising. The total clip length is 5m 37s. Can anybody else confirm?

  6. GLORIA Lemay

    Oh, thank God I don’t have to see that kind of horror show any more. Very realistic altho that didn’t look like any vulva or head crowning I’ve ever seen. Think it was one of those plastic learning modules they have nowadays. Ewwwww. Blue bulb syringe, cord clamped with hemostat before mother even get to see the baby. . . .the doctors fundamental hatred of women. Too bad most people will never see a dark, quiet, private, powerful, calm birth at home.


  7. Kylie

    As an interesting side note, the Ob in “Knocked Up” is a Physician in real life: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ken_Jeong

  8. Courtney

    I actually thought this scene is the lesser of all the evils of hollywood births! It shows the typical derailment of a woman’s birth plan.
    I also HATE that they made the nuchal cord seem like an emergency. Decels can be cause by compression on the cord during a contraction but as long as it come back up properly it’s nothing to cause panic about. OBs (even in the movies apparently) have a way of making you panic!!!

  9. Michael

    I watched it… It was ok..

    Except that Seth Rogan looked(and acted) exactly like me at the time. :)

  10. Tanya Malcolm

    I agree! No pubic hair??? I think it’s fair to say that most pregnant women can barely reach their toes…never mind their vaginas with a razor!! and who goes for a Brazilian at term? I think all her huffing and puffing was so dramatic! COME ON HOLLYWOOD…

    1. Gis

      *puts hand up* I went for waxing while pregnant, just as I have done prior and since…just personal preference, and makes me feel much cleaner especially PP. :)
      I do love the movie though, and while it’s not my experience, I think it would hit close to home for alot of mothers.

      1. Jade

        *another hand raised* precisley because I couldn’t reach with a razor I went for waxing also, again personal preference and easier to keep clean with lots of PP bleeding.

        1. Keenah

          me too! with a hand mirror and a little acrobatics its possible to wax it your self even at term

  11. Tiffany Zimmermann

    Hey Lisa… the actor who plays Dr Kuni actually IS a doctor, and still practicing – does acting on the side as a hobby. His wife is a doctor too… Explains alot lol (that said, I have Knocked Up on DVD and it always has me in stitches… who can beat lines like “its not herpes if its everywhere!”) :P

  12. Mia

    It could have been much worse – most Hollywood film birth scenes are – but it still makes me mad to see her railroaded: ‘You need you to turn on your back now okay, the baby’s heart rate is slowing’ – how the hell is that going to help? A nice bit of inferior vena cava compression to take its mind off it?! That said I like the bath/candles bit and the back massage is a nice touch. And incidentally I used to work with pregnant teenagers and nearly all of them were completely shaved. It’s a generational thing I think! Teenage boys don’t expect to see pubic hair anymore; it comes as a bit of a shock to see a real woman. ;-)

    I was once approached to play the part of a midwife in a film – since I was the only midwife in our hospital with acting experience – as I was told they wanted it to be more realistic. I asked what the part would entail and I was told “Oh we just want you to say ‘push push’ and then when the baby comes out you say ‘It’s a boy!’” I told them I never tell anyone to push, seeing as it’s rather redundant in a woman who is getting a strong urge to do so, and I would NEVER tell anyone what sex their baby was! I said if it’s realism you want then I’ll do it the way I would REALLY do it, and she said no thanks and hired an actor instead! What a waste of time and opportunity. Still, I’m glad I stuck to my principles.

  13. Carina

    On the lack of pubic hair issue, many of the women that I see in the public system dont have pubic hair. It’s a fashion thing, especially amongst younger women. On a deeper, more analytical level, it’s really gravitating to a prepubescent state. Sometimes I wonder how comfortable it is for them though. Many of them have skin that reacts to shaving and it just looks sore and uncomfortable.

  14. Murasaki

    Its actually more common than you’d think for women at full term to go get a bikini wax. So they look noice and tidy “down there” on the day. I’ve also heard stories of people overhearing hospital staff discussing a womans “forest” as though it were rude of her not to get waxed.
    Vomit worthy hey!

  15. Eugenie

    Absolutely horrible to see this ‘birthing’. The vagina without pubic hair, that doctor, the screaming of the woman, the active purple pushing… absolutely NOT what I consider normal, loving bringin baby into the world. It is a shame. And especially to see the scissors in the cord..


  16. Steph

    I understand the empowerment that comes with homebirth, but there seems to be many generalizations regarding hospital births on this blog. I also think it is important for the author to be mindful when using phrases such as “playing the dead baby card.” It sounds trivial and dismissive, and something that doctors use only as a scare tactic. As a mother who has endured the stillbirth of my second child, I resented this comment. Also, having met MANY other stillbirth mothers whose stillbirths were the result of lack of medical intervention or a failed homebirth, I can tell you it is a very real thing to have a dead baby at the end of a birth experience where one has refused intervention. It is not always a scare tactic. Sometimes there is a very real risk. I just think you need to be careful in dismissing the risk of stillbirth, because it can and does happen.

  17. Bi

    “In summary knocked up is a comedy about a successful woman who becomes pregnant after a drunken one night stand with a slob.”

    “Knocked up” – is not a comedy, it is ANOTHER ANTI-MEN propagandistic “movie”, that has a clearly seen goal: to provocate the next burst of social reaction in order to allow your andropfobic gouvernment to WORSEN even MORE the live of american white males, puting them into a Hell on the Earth.

    - The SUCKcessfull woman you ment – is another TYPICAL pindosian SLUT, which did not hold anything heavier than dick in her WHOLE life.

    “and enjoyed watching it again for this blog post.”

    - So you’ve ENJOYED watching this? Understood.

    1. S K

      Bi- LMAO you are ridiculous. You either have paranoid schizophrenic who should seek treatment, or you are an uneducated, lazy, unemployed, loveless, meaningless schmuck, and you’re grasping at straws to blame anyone but yourself.

      You really think there is a group of radical feminists who got together, made a comedy about a hilarious guy, who despite his being ill-prepared, steps up when he’s needed, and takes charge of his life to become a supportive partner who’s ready to raise and love a human baby well. Then they forced a bunch of white guys to take the credit and the money for the movie. Yeahhhhhh…..cause that’s logical.

      And BTW, your life sucks because you suck. I mean, look at your complaint. Did you pass 6th grade? I can hardly read your post, it’s so riddled with obscene errors. Propagadistic-not a word. Neither is provocate, I don’t even know wtf pindosian is supposed to mean. I can only guess it’s some sort of made up nationality, even though the actress in the movie is clearly caucasian. Also, not only did you spell androphobic and a bunch of other words wrong- but you actually misspelled meant. How do you misspell meant? We learn that in like 2nd grade. You are a joke.

      And your claim of the US government being androphobic and putting down the white male- HA! Most of the government ARE white males. Are they like, afraid of themselves or something?

      And I just love that your proof that the successful woman sucks is that she is a slut for having ONE one night stand. Is the guy a slut too? Is anyone who’s ever had a one night stand a slut? Many men I know go LOOKING for one night stands. Doesn’t matter though, the woman’s sex life has no effect on her successful life. She has an excellent career, close family, seems well enough off moneywise, and is an intelligent, charming woman. Even if she had never held anything heavier than a dick in her life, it wouldn’t change how successful she is. Also, I’m pretty sure it takes a lot of work to forge an excellent career, so if you’re trying to say the character wasn’t a hard worker- you’d be wrong.

      I’m assuming you have no career of your own, which is why you need to put down the character for her success. You also seem to think of women very sexually, talking in sexual metaphors, and assuming sluttiness in attractive women. This clearly shows you long for, but cannot attain sexual relationships with women. You blame women. They slut around, but their such b****es they won’t even do you, right? No buddy. There is nothing wrong with the women. It’s you that’s the problem. Even sluts have standards, and you just aren’t good enough.

      My advice- stop whining about how unfair the government is, because they won’t let you succeed, and how unfair women are because they won’t let you f*** them, and realize it’s all you, so you can off your computer and start becoming a decent person. Put a little work in maybe you could even get a job, or get some action.

  18. Jennifer

    After puberty, pregnancy, and childbirth, there is nothing remotely prepubescent about my genitals, shaved or not.

  19. Mamakate

    Strangely enough, I actually went to see this movie the day I went into labour! My husband and I took a day off work, I had a massage, then the movie and dinner, and that night I woke up with my water breaking. After 36 hours, contractions still hadn’t really gotten steady, so I ended up being induced with Pitocin. It was in the hospital, but I still had a wonderful drug free birth with lovely midwives. Very different than this birth scene.
    The scene in the movie that scared me the most was when they were in the waiting room and saw the odd looking baby. I was terrified my daughter would look like that! (Isn’t that awful?).
    Fast forward 3 years, and I have now had a homebirth too.

  20. bubbe

    Many, many moons ago when I delivered my son, it was standard practice for the nurse to shave the patient, leaving about an inch or two of pubic hair at the top of the pubis. I don’t remember when the shave prep was stopped, but I think it is a lot easier to keep clean for the weeks of bleeding afterward.

    1. addy

      i think i’d smack someone who came near me with a razor or shaving foam if i was in for labor. if the partner i love can endure and love a forest, the people looking after me on a professional level can damn well endure it, too!
      who knows what i’d have done if they someone came near me with scissors for an episiotomy. (i think, in the UK, they became standard procedure once hospitals took over birthing from the midwives- even demanding midwives to perform them even if the head was already out. i saw this on a video from a long-term practicing midwife. seemed like a really nice lady- especially when she flat-out refused to do them unless necessary and got a lot of flack for it. Mary Cronk, her name was, on mybirthtv).

  21. martina

    ella se merece un premio lo re pujo y se le vio la cabecita el dostor un capo espero q me atienda a mi en mi parto y que me muestre la cabecita de mi bebe asi y yo puje mucho ami me encanta q me toquen la concha ademas pujar tuve mi primer hijo e mi casa y puje tanto y no lo podia sacar me tuvieron que derivar a un hospital con la cabeza de mi bebe casi afuera porque mik marido no savia como asistirme y entonces llegue pujando y al fin ,lo saque

  22. Quinn

    I saw it on tv and to be honsest I don’t know how she got pregnant it should have been naked sex and the birth scence was fine

  23. Karen

    Wow she can actually crown AND notice the guy at the birthing room door AND yell at him to get out – I was lucky if I could see to the end of the bed I was laying on at that stage!

  24. Vicky Miller

    The heart rate is dropping roll on your back? Baby is in distress so lets break the bag? Has he got any evidence for those interventions? I remember hating this scene but it did show what really happens in a hospital birth.

  25. foling

    i had a baby in bed and 2 i had it in the wither and a pool i gist mom is prenet a gen 10 lbs 6 onuses she is a big baby is,t she? and it wees reef and hard to her sing get out get out.

  26. abby

    i love this

  27. addy

    it’s a shame. i love my pubic hair and i couldn’t bear to let it go. feeling normal, to being itchy, naked and cold all the time…. ugh! nope, my fanny’s staying snug and warm. they’re just going to have to put up with an old-fashioned fanny. :-)