13 responses to “Collaboration and the midwife”

  1. Sarah Wilson

    So I said to Hubby..” Well, looks like we’ll have to go back to India to have our next baby”, and then the reality of that statement kicks in… I have to chose to birth in a third-world country overseas, instead of at home in Australia!! SERIOUSLY FRICKIN WRONG!

  2. Rachele Meredith

    Ah, remember the innocent days when we were told that we independent midwives were standing together and had a line in the sand? Seems so long ago….

  3. Jo

    Lisa, what’s the rest of 3.13 …. in which event You agree: What?

    It’s impossible, isn’t it? Feeling really disheartened. :(

  4. Lennon Clark


    In the words of Ringo Starr, “Everything the government touches turns to crap.” (and I’m a socialist at heart, but seriously? They need to leave birthing women ALONE, among other things)

  5. Abby Hogarth

    There seems to be one major thing missing, the most important, the woman and her rights!

  6. Claire Hall

    What upsets me the most is not that they are all woefully misinformed – it is that before all of this got stirred up and “improved for womens safety and midwives professional sakes”, I could just quietly go about my business and serve women. I have always known the attitudes of medical people toward birth and happily left them to their own delusional little world, why I tried to help women realise their lies from outside of it.
    While I knowlingly practiced outside the “guidleines” it was with the full informed consent and sometimes urging of the women. and it was not illegal to do so. Now they have turned anyone who opposes obstetrical control of birth into a law breaker.
    what a huge viloation of womens basic human rights and I am sickened by comments that suggest it is good for the majority of women.

  7. Melissa Maimann

    Dear Lisa,

    Great article!
    The other major issue is that there is no right of refusal for women within the policy. If the woman’s outside of the guidelines, the ob, woman and midwife have to agree to the plan of care for the woman. If agreement can’t be made, the midwife is working outside the insurance policy and therefore outside of registration.
    This impacts such simple things like refusing VEs, refusing C/S for twins etc. Take the eg of VBAC which as we know = B, therefore consult. If the ob insists on continuous monitoring and the woman continues to refuse … no agreement therefore the midwife must cease care.
    This is not collaboration. It is not woman centered care. It is simply placing the obstetrician at the centre.
    I’m all for collaboration but it must meet the woman’s needs (not merely the ob’s needs or preferences). Problem is, when the midwife’s an obstetrician’s insurance policies only cover them when there are “reasonable prospects of success” and “You are more likely than not to be unsuccessful in defending”, we can’t do the indefensible.
    What’s the solution?

  8. Janet

    Hello no, we won’t go.

    No way on this earth would I allow my private life to become a football between these various people. No.Way.

    It couldn’t get more insulting.

    It will be fun to see what the government does when the AMA and RANCID refuse to “collaborate”. “Collaboration” my arse. How fucking ridiculous. Midwife or paper pusher? And what precisely does the Approved Obstetric Oracle have to do in order to collaborate? Can they no longer countenance having to see women in emergency situations because oh noes that norty woman hasn’t had 47 letters sent about her personal information before she turned up?

    I note that “hospital booking” has thus become mandated. Fuck that for a joke. Combined with the new national medical records keeping system this bodes very ill for women’s basic human rights in this country. Not that I’m surprised in any way since it was all heading this way _obviously_ from the get go but it is sickeningly awful seeing it in print.

    AMA, RANCID, ACM, you have no authority over me. None. You can stick your rules where the sun don’t shine. Any midwives thinking this will be an ace idea to participate, I wouldn’t hire you if your shingle says you’re the Best Midwife in town. You can’t be “with woman” and with this crock of shit so pick a side. And I’m not alone. Women don’t want this shit foisted on them, we’re not eagerly waiting for insurance, we don’t want it because we want the basic human right to give birth as we please. Shocking huh? Yes, we own our bodies, not you.

  9. Ladyg

    Here in CA, US I used a midwife. There is no insurance so the midwives make sure you sign a statement that you know they have no insurance, along with all the other stuff you have to sign acknowledging that you have actually read and understand the limitations. It made no difference to me for either of my preg/births. Both were precipitous and drs in the area had me labelled high risk due to advanced age (39 with the first 42 with the second). And of course my second was large – 10 pounds 4 which here means induction or planned c/s. Our options keep getting limited. And god forbid I should choose to have another baby. There is almost no way that I can have a safe birth within the system.

    I thank god that there are midwives that have the knowledge and are here to help out. Precipitous labor fears really get dismissed by the medical establishment.

  10. Janice

    The way I am reading this is that once a woman is confirmed pregnant she becomes a ward of the State, subject to any intervention, and is afforded no right to refuse. Correct? Felons have more rights than pregnant women now. Shocking and sad.

  11. Janet

    You’re just about right, Janice. We have laws about “concealing a pregnancy” in many states too which means not turning up to cattle call in the local hospital. It’s mostly used to chase down women considered reprobates on welfare but I have sometimes suspected it’s the reason hospital staff will write “No antenatal care” on the records of women who transfer with their hb mw in tow, complete with the records of their antenatal care and birth notes which the staff refuse to accept. At some hospitals a woman who doesn’t attend [insert arbitrary number] antenatal appts is automatically reported to the Dept of Community Services. You’d think we own our own bodies, but nope. And the worst part is NO ONE SEEMS TO HAVE NOTICED but a few homebirthers and we just get ignored by the government and maligned in the press.

  12. Janice

    I know a woman who put in a complaint which detailed that staff told her her baby would die *not might die* if she didn’t consent to an induction. Supposedly the peer reviewer decided that there was no evidence of coercion. So in our state it’s A-OK to tell grown women lies about the health status of their babies and the medical board does not consider it coercion, nor does the HRC. We’ve really got no where to go but up since we’re already at the bottom of the slippery slope.

  13. loz

    Brilliant summary Lisa it is about time that the Government realise that collaboration means nothing remotely close to what they are proposing. This isn’t the mark of collaboration this is the mark of the AMA getting their greedy little hands on a nitch market, next we will have OB’s charging midwives to enter into collaboration agreements with them as afterall time is money!!!

    We are WOMEN not cattle to be herded through production lines and accept that our personal information will, without our expressed consent, be shared among medical professionals as though they have the right to treat us as numbers.

    I too am all for collaboration but on my terms, if I need to seek the counsel of an OB I will, MY OB not the one who is willing to work with MY MIDWIFE, on seeing that OB I will then make the best decisions I can with the information I have. This isn’t so hard to grasp or is it?

    So in the wise words of Janet above…… Hell No we wont go!! They can stick their collaboration up their arse. I won’t be treated as a second close citizen because part of my anatomy is a vagina!