2 responses to “Collaboration or exclusion”

  1. Tere

    hi – I feel your pain. As a woman and as a HB Midwife. For everything there is a season… Blessed be. Love

  2. Rebecca

    bwahahaha – Of course they don’t participate in collaborative agreements. That would be removing cash from their pockets and power from their hands and we can’t have THAT!! I asked this question over and over and was consistantly told to “Shut It and Wait, This Is A Good Thing”. Pfft! I honestly feel that ANYONE who thought that OBs would ‘participate in collaborative agreements’ is a self-deluded fool!! (I really want to say stronger things, but *must * remember * not * to * offend * anyone * !!! ) HUGE Thanks to those that chucked us under the train – you did *their* job well!!