27 responses to “Jurisdiction hearing – press misquotes”

  1. pamela

    OH, hindsight. It is the clearest judgement we have. So then all women should have cesareans then.

    Nice. It’s maddening, and unfortunately there is little reasoning to resolve any of it.

    Love to you, Lisa. You are in my thoughts.

  2. Emsi

    They couldn’t even get your name right on the ABC news. Media. Couldn’t tell the truth if it hit them in the face.
    What I’d like is to hear some stories from women who’s babies died in hospital because really, that never happens does it? I mean, go to hospital and it always turns out fine right?

    I’m so angry for you Lisa, for the family involved who clearly don’t want this and for the future of birth in this country. Will this mean every baby that is perceived to be ‘large’ will be C sectioned from now on?

    How can the expert they brought in (Dr Gavin Wheaten) be so disregarded? He’s a bloody cardiologist!

    Will this ruling change what we perceive as life and viability in babies and even adults? The mind boggles.

  3. Rachele Meredith

    Even ACOG acknowledges that routine section for suspected macrosomic babies is an impractical solution to shoulder dystocia. If every baby suspected to be over 3.8 kg (the average size of a baby involved in SD) was sectioned, a few would be saved from SD and whole lot would die from complications from the section. Maternal morbidity and mortality would increase also. There is no easy answer to this issue and reducing it to “the baby should have been sectioned” is not practical.

    And of course babies die from asphyxia resulting from SD in hospital. The literature is full of descriptions of this terrible complication.

    There are no easy answers, but reducing this incident to headlines reading “Homebirth Tragedy” is sensationalistic and unhelpful.

  4. Sarah

    SO agree with Emsi – how many times do babies die in hospitals, and is there ever a big deal about it? Maybe its because you didn’t get your one-on-one private meeting/pep talk with the Crown?… Bloody idiots! It was a crazy morning, glad you were actually spending your morning with a WOMAN in BIRTH – naturally! Come August we will all be there supporting you again (and getting kicked out of court for being ‘disruptive’ with babes)! We will show them we are not just fanny-loving, beanie-knitting, coffee-drinking feminist hippies!! xoxo

  5. Louise

    “Has he the authority to do this?” Well according to ABC News, in the coroners words, it was his “lay” opinion and it seems that is suffice in our justice system.
    I agree Emsi – where are the stories of babies who die in hospital?
    Sadly, mass media will follow this intrepidly and get all the facts wrong.
    As a journalist my stomach turns at the lack of fairness and balance that will be provided to mainstream Australia.

    Lisa, our thoughts and angels are with you right now.

  6. Emma Someone

    You were referred to as Lisa Barnet on ABC news, just to add to the misquotes.

    It is such a stupid situation – does this mean that there will now be a floud of cases to the coroner when SD happens in hospital?

  7. Courtney

    Thoughts and prayers are with you and the family involved.
    Stay strong.

  8. Megan Cooper

    Such a pity in this day and age that Australia can be so advanced in so many ways, but fall so short in others. In my eyes, there is no justification for us to be fighting this battle in the first place because like has been said so many times before, place of birth, type of birth and carer of birth are basic human rights and ultimately the woman’s choice. Regardless of whether a caesarean would have saved this baby, it was the woman’s goddamn right to choose to have her baby vaginally and more, at home.

    Further to this, it seems we have become so scared of the inevitability of death that we forget that death happens. It is so devastating and wrong when it happens to a child but there are some things in this life that we cannot control and should not have the ability to control. In essence, that is what our system has brought it to.

    It is a sad and disheartening fact, but we can rest assured that this same controversy, fingerpointing and disregard for freedom of choice would not have occurred had this happened in a hospital. FFS!! It happens everyday and NO ONE blinks an eyelid. It is not only unexpected problems like Shoulder Dystocia that you have no indication or insight to, but inappropriate, irrelevant and unnecessary intervention that is portrayed as a requirement purely because the mentality has become ‘don’t trust women or birth’. I can say this because I am witness to it day in… day out.

    Those of us who are educated and informed and choose homebirth need to stand together and continue to fight and to support the amazing independent midwives we have. We wont let them succeed in destroying what is our right and destiny to birth our children the way nature intended it to be.

    Love you so much Lisa!! xoxo

  9. Anja Kositzki-Metzner

    Dear Lisa,

    so sorry to see another witch hunt of a sister midwife.
    Sending you lots of strength, clear thinking and positivity from across the Globe.

    with much love, Anja

  10. kel

    hoping that you have been called by all the Ob/Gyns in Adelaide who practice in the hospitals and who believe in evidence based practice and have had a shoulder dystocia resulting in a neonatal death, as a show of support.

  11. fuzzy

    But there are options in a hospital setting that just aren’t present at home, including section for prolonged second stage labor, which is often indicative of a large baby vs. narrow pelvis, causing dystocia. In addition, there remains the possibility of fracturing the collarbones to collapse the shoulder girdle, plus much more aggressive neonatal resuscitation.

    As someone who had a perfectly normal labor as well as pregnancy, only to almost lose my infant due to nuchal cord, I was grateful to have birthed in a hospital setting. I will be blessed if I know why you want to take the health of women and infants back to the stone age…..and I’ll bet you don’t have the nerve to print an opposing comment in your homebirth love-fest here. If that baby had been born in a hospital it would be alive. Poor mama……

  12. Sonja

    Hi beautiful Lisa! It’s been so long since I’ve been in touch and I just heard a little about court/media palava… Have faith… you know in your heart that you did the right thing and continue to do so… and that’s all that matters… and you’ve got so many loyal supporters and friends to help you stay on track! Anyway just wanted to send you all our love and best wishes… from Rosie, Sonja and Ari xx

  13. Lyndel

    I feel the need to let you know you’re supported not only by those who know you, or who have had homebirths themselves. I gave birth “naturally” to each of my three beautiful babies in a private hospital. *SIGH* If only I had thought to research homebirthing instead of natural birthing a few years earlier – but that’s another story for another time!
    My kindest thoughts are with you Lisa.

  14. Rebecca Reynolds

    Hoping that at some stage you will get an evenhanded, non sensational report on both the case at hand and homebirth in general. My thoughts are with both you and the family involved, I can only imagine the guilt trip all and sundry are trying to place on them. :)

  15. Janet

    Uh yeah “fuzzy” alright. No evidence or science in that nasty comment at all. Quel surprise. Obstetric opinion without evidence to support it. Look at my shocked face. *headdesk*

    Much love to you, Lisa, and to this family whose pain is being used as a political vehicle in the most appallingly cynical way. I’m proud to stand with you, and them.

  16. A Shade Of Blue

    Well Fuzzy, it’s ironic but had your baby died in the hospital you sound like the sort of person who would still have gone around thanking everybody for their magnificent efforts. The police wouldn’t have been questioning the Doctors, the newspapers wouldn’t have been shouting “hospital tragedy”. It would have simply been another hospital death that went unnoticed. Which of course, keeps the uninformed uninformed.

    The KISS principle applies to birth as much as anything else. How many women and children have died or suffered in hospitals through unnecessary intervention? You won’t find their stories in the newspaper.

    It’s people with unquestioning faith in the medical profession, that allows Doctors like Harold Shipman to go unnoticed for so long. Even when they are maiming or killing you (on purpose or through incompetence), you are still thanking them!

    BTW, in 2000, when discussing the case of Dr Harold Shipman, the BMA chairman stated “medicine has arguably thrown up more serial killers than all the other professions put together, with nursing a close second.”

  17. Glenn

    I don’t quite understand how you were misquoted. You said: “If she’d had a section the baby would not have died of shoulder dystocia.”

    Isn’t it acknowledged by all parties that the baby died of shoulder dystocia? If so, then I can paraphrase you as saying “If she’d had a section the baby would not have died of what it died of.”

    So unless you are suggesting that the baby was likely to die from something else, then you are saying that the baby would be alive if the mother had a section. How is that a misquote?!

  18. daoine

    Just wanted to post a message of support for you Lisa. My thoughts are with you and this family.

  19. Nicole

    It wont be long before doctors, nurses, midwives, physios, chiros etc etc will be too afraid to work as there will be no support for them. Risk is a part of life unfortunately and as long as we need health professionals we must have positive support from our communities.
    My heart goes out to the family who are unable to watch their precious baby grow up and my heart also goes out to you for having endured such painful unfortunate circumstances. There is no easy answer. Keep strong

  20. Amanda McCarty

    Lisa, I just found out about all of this from a post by Gloria on FB. I just wanted to send my support and love your way from Texas. You are at the forefront of the movement to bring common sense and autonomy back into childbirth. Your sword is truth, and you just keep wielding that weapon, sister.


    P.S.–You are still a rock star.

  21. Sharon Freeman

    Hi Lisa

    Just wanted to post something in support, love and solidarity. As a Midwife that was working in the hospital system now deregistered for a period of 2 years due to an unfortunate medical intervention induction incident, my heart goes out to you and your plight. May the mother watch over you and give clear insight to those that have your future in thier hands.
    Blessings Sharon Freeman

  22. Tammy Malcolm

    Hey Lisa,

    I’m so sorry that they have decided to do this…I am just appalled, as it is so obviously a witch-hunt.

    As someone hwho has lost a child in hospital I can completely say that my births with you were 100% preferable…regardless of outcome…I have spent many hours pondering how much nicer it would have been to have birthed Anna at home with you….regardless of the outcome.

    I don’t know much more than that basics of the case, but I am just wondering why (besides the witch-hunt angle) the coroner wants to investigate this….is there any argument as to why the babe died?

    It really comes back to the same issue as the insurance…people need to remember that while birth is a natural event (like walking across the road) complications do happen (just like walking across the road)…it is a risk that we just have to accept – no amount of inquiry or insurance will change the fact that life all aspects of life, including birth, have a risk – death.

    Much love to you, wonderful mama and midwife.