3 responses to “Rights of the unborn baby.”

  1. Garden Pheenix

    Oh goodness, that must have been heart breaking for you and the mother. My thoughts are with you all. <3

  2. Caroline

    Hi Lisa.
    Thanks for sharing the link to the article yesterday. When re-reading it this afternoon I noticed that the article has been changed and statements from the ambulance added… is this a work in progress? Very odd.

  3. Michelle

    What the news reports are saying regarding this mother’s birth is very similar to what happened at mine. I also had a 30 minute shoulder dystocia. The coroner also tried to say my baby was alive by claiming he tried to breathe. I don’t see how they could come to that conclusion myself because when he was born he was lifeless and heart-tones were lost before the head was born. Also when I got him he had a breathing tube in his mouth so how could an autopsy differentiate between *him* trying to breathe and someone forcing oxygen (as well as surfactant) in his lungs? My baby had no signs of life at birth either and I as the mother am quite certain that he was gone before the birth occurred and did not die due to the birth complication itself.

    I have been on the mother side of this and dealt with child protective services, police, hospital staff, the coroner and pressures to rat our my midwife . I will be the voice that rarely gets heard. They blame the mother just as much as the midwife. They desire to punish her just as much as the midwife. It is not fair to either. The governments should not be interfering with this if the parents knew the risks accepted them and support the midwives that attend them. Death is not always a result of someones negligence. I am so sorry for you and for these parents. This has to be a nightmare for everyone.