16 responses to “Absurd Birth Scenes – Apocalypto”

  1. mommymichael

    maybe this comes from seeing all his children be born? He has 7 of them (well 8 now). I’d say this was seemingly real. The mother wasn’t acting crazy and out of control. Which in her situation, I’d give her EVERY RIGHT to!
    Plus kudos for the child being on her shoulders during it. Hurrah to motherhood!

    I can’t wait to see which one is next.

  2. jelikin

    Yes it is quite hard to find fault. Even looking at it closely frame by frame is seems realistic to me (not that I’m an authority). You can actually see what looks like vernix on the baby’s leg. I thought it might have been footage of an actual water birth, but the Mayan woman’s clothing is visible throughout the scene. It seems too good for CGI. I wonder how it was done?

    I have listened to the director’s commentary and they made absolutely no comment during the entire scene!

    What is most remarkable is how they put such a convincing birth scene is a movie that is not about birth, when those movies that are about birth invariably have truly absurd birth scenes. Is it because it’s a natural situation so they weren’t led down the path of adhering to conventional birth cliches to meet mainstream expectations? The exact same thing happens in the movie Children of Men.

  3. Gloria Lemay

    Hmmm. . .that WAS dramatic! For sure, any normal woman would have made the older child cling to the bloody pole by himself while she pushed out a sibling for him :) Didn’t know Jellikin was allowed into this sacred den of femininity–what’s the world coming to?

  4. Kat

    Please God let me push my next baby out without a toddler on my shoulders. Knowing Lucy, she would love to have prime position as close to me as possible (no one show her this clip!) LOL

  5. Bettie

    I remember thinking that birth scene was great when I saw the movie, but had totally forgot about it! I feel like it had to be a real birth that was edited to look like it happened in the movie scene.

  6. majikfaerie

    That is a pretty good birth scene. umbilical cord and everything! I hate how they so often hold up freshly-born babies and the cord is already clamped and cut. I’m shocked how many people have no idea about the placenta needing to be born at all – I even had a mama once, pregnant with her second baby who, when I told her about lotus birth thought it means the baby would be connected to the mama till the cord breaks off. When I explained that the placenta comes out after the baby, she asked “but how do you get it back in again afterwards?”
    thanks to the wonders of movies, epidurals and strategic sheeting, this woman had never seen or felt her baby being born, despite being awake for the event, and never noticed them removing her placenta. :(
    I’d love to see more placentas in movie births.

  7. Gloria Lemay

    Get jellikin working on the Conehead movie birth. It’s so cute. Dan Ackroyd passes out when the coneheaded child comes out. That would be a fun one. Gloria

  8. Crunchy Frog

    Just to correct you on the Conehead movie, the doctor asks Dan Ackroyd if he would like to cut the cord. Dan Ackroyd then bites the cord and I believe the doctor passes out.

  9. Anna Groen

    Love your site! I saw this movie & was pregnant with my second at the time. As you can imagine it stayed in my mind very clearly! I’ve had two wonderful homebirths (in Christchurch, NZ) & was riveted to this scene when watching the movie – but did keep thinking the water would be too cold!!

    Another funny/interesting homebirth scene is in the movie ‘Big Mama’s House’ (no. 1 not the sequel). Big mama is the local midwife, but an FBI agent is undercover as her in this scene & has no clue what he’s doing. It’s a quick birth, not particularly realistic, but I have a soft spot for it because it’s a homebirth – even though the paramedics show up after it’s all over. Funny to watch & more positive than most American movie birth scenes I reckon. Keep up all your wonderful work! Anna :)

  10. tanyetta

    Quick Google Search brought me to your site! Thank You for the links! :-)

  11. birth anarkissed

    home waterbirth for your viewing in Barry Munday (2010). :)

    Happy holidays.

  12. Kate

    This movie was truly barbaric, I watched it quite late on SBS thinking my partner would love it – he did!
    The only thing I noticed that was *obviously* fake about that birth scene is that the cord is white and rubbery (no blood) and the baby cries in the same instant the face breaks through the water.
    Perhaps a rather cold water birth could do that to you? :-)
    Love this blog…

  13. mesfin mulugeta

    I saw the movies , it was so adventurious…

  14. Sailendra Mohan

    Apocalypto , is a brilliant narration of the 16th century Mayan civilization, How can it be a barbaric movie…