14 responses to “Celebrity homebirth, a blessing and a curse”

  1. pamela

    That article says that they birthed at the hospital. ?

  2. Darrin

    You’re spot on Lisa, my first thoughts on hearing about the whole event a couple of days ago were that firstly it showed things worked really well, but secondly that the media would totally overlook that issue and use it as a beat up. Not so nice to know my cynical thoughts have been proven correct :(

  3. Hannah

    Thank you! A great succinct summary, the logic failure is depressing at the least.

  4. Maryn Leister

    Hi and thanks for posting, Lisa. I make it a point to not really follow the news but this was hard to miss….and yes, disappointing. But, as with most media, it is all about fear and portraying the awful and scary, especially that which is outside of the norm. As a midwife, it is mostly disappointing because for me, it is not about homebirths being carried out at all costs. As you would agree, births take the path they need to take (as does mom and baby) and that is nothing short of perfect.

  5. Boy Midwife

    All power to DM’s hyper-vigilent and talented Midwife – yes a success in every way.
    The AMA and RANZCOG wield astonishing power over women, families and midwives here in Australia – who are they trying to ‘protect’ – 1) Themselves? – well even if Aus MW’s get to one day work with as many women who choose home-birth as, say, Holland or Aotearoa New Zealand, we’re still talking a small percentage (sadly), 2) Babies? Well as they ignore their own tool-of-power, Cochrane, and only concentrate on crappy literature from their shrivelled-balled mates, they miss the point that healthy term babies die in modern hospitals after a shit-load of intervention and monitoring.. 3) Women? protect women from making decisions about their bodies and their rights? Protect them from themselves? Protect them from midwives?

    Too much political power is in the hands of some of the men and women of the AMA who choose to tell women, our wives, girlfriends, sisters and friends how, when, and where to birth. C’mon Australia, it does not have to be like this.

  6. Rachael

    It is interesting isn’t it, a homebirth transfer causing front page headlines, but we don’t hear of the transfers from birth centers to surgery or labour wards to surgery that happen every day. Are they births gone wrong too? Well I suppose they are when the woman has most often been subject to many unnecessary interventions. What about the cord prolapses caused by doctors rupturing membranes when the foetal head is too high. I’ve seen 2 cases of this in recent years, a reminder why I don’t practice this type of midwifery. Why are the doctors seen as miracle workers when they were at fault for the infants dying in the first place???? Because the parents were naive and believed hospitals were safe all the time. Well done to the midwife who transported with the lovely Dannii, this is certainly not a homebirth gone wrong, but a homebirth gone right. Plan B is always there for a reason, and obviously mother and baby are well and happy with their care. A job well done I say.

  7. Kat

    Thank you,
    I am planning a homebirth for my first and have been quietly worried since Dannii’s story hit the news. If she cant do it what hope do I have? to be reminded that the transfer to hospital was simply a part of the birth and not a failure i have a ’50%’ chance of experiencing has really helped.

  8. shellie drysdale

    To Kat – do not worry. you have every hope for a beautiful safe birth. the fact that you have planned a homebirth and have the care of a wonderful independent midwife gives you much more chance than if you were planning a hospital birth. the care that you will receive from your midwife during pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond is far superior to what you would get in a hospital. you are giving yourself and your baby the best chance possible. and even when a homebirthing mum is transferred, she can still be certain that she had the best possible care.
    best wishes to you
    (i had a wonderful homebirth! )

  9. Moobie

    Hey Lisa at least the midwife knew when to transfer the patient to hospital hey.

  10. Carol Dunlop

    Hi Lisa,
    I am a midwife who has worked in large tertiary level hospitals, and the thing I hate most is the tag “failed homebirth”. Birth does indeed take its own course, and Danni and Kris had a beautiful baby. Well done to them.

  11. Lyne Coles

    As one of your facebook friends I would like to say this. Although I chose not not have a home birth, I respected the fact that others choose to birth at home. My sister made the decision to have her third baby at home and it was an amazing experience for her. She completly trusted her midwife who had over thirty years experience. While in labor my sister had more hands on care, individual attention and a loving hand that guided her through ten hours of labor. Although it wasn’t for me, no one should be able to dictate how a women should give birth. It is all abot choice!

  12. Lyne Coles

    And I apologise for the spelling mistakes!!! I was in a bit of a rush.