3 responses to “On yer bike says Homebirth dad”

  1. kristi

    That was Great! Love the pics!

  2. Virginia Maddock

    thanks for posting this. i will pass it on to my partner – another homebirth dad / mountain bike enthusiast (and bike workshop manager).

  3. Gloria Lemay

    I love how men tell their stories. This is a prize. Made me a think of a couple who gave birth to a little girl with a severe cleft palate a few years ago at home. It was a shock and took the parents a while to integrate what it would all mean—difficulty feeding, hospitals, surgeries, etc etc—all the things they thought they’d escape.

    The house was full of women and after a couple of hours, the father said “I’m going to phone my buddy and go for a bike ride”. He said later that he rode his bike like a demon and cried and cried. Then, he came back and was able to cope with all that ensued when we went into the Children’s Hospital 5 hours post birth. I think that “bike therapy” is a good thing.