5 responses to “Absurd Birth Scenes – Village Of The Damned”

  1. Rachel Reed

    Thanks for compiling these absurd birth scenes. I love them!

  2. Rachel Clark

    You can’t go past Monte Python’s take on birth in the Meaning of Life. “Amplify the ‘Ping’ Machine” love it!

  3. mommymichael

    I’d like to see your take from the birth scene in Juno.

    1. Lisa Barrett

      I have Juno ready to be edited. I actually saw it in the cinema. The birth scene is a little bit brief considering it was the movie’s climax. Don’t you think?

      I’ve got quite a backlog of movie birth scenes. It’s hard to decide which one to do next. I’m trying to pace them through fear of turning this site into a movie birth scene blog rather than a homebirth blog.

  4. Sue Ablao

    “ICU, NOW!!”????? Too funny!