4 responses to “Post Script for Brydda’s birth”

  1. Janet

    Thank you for sharing! I’m thrilled to hear your reflections. Yes, perfect body, so true. I look forward to hearing about future births. :)

  2. Emsi

    Thank you for this beautiful postscript. Your story moved me immensely and this even more so. I always hope when I hear women say “I’m not thinking about the birth, it’ll all be fine, I haven’t done any reading/research/watched or read any birth stories” that they are often disempowering themselves. I know I did with my first birth. I had done some research but like you hadn’t actually ‘practiced’. Prolonged prodromal and a very long labour undid me. It’s not about luck it’s about body awareness.
    Again thank you. Yours is a powerful story. xxx

  3. michelle

    thanks for sharing this and the original story. i have also found the way i think about my homebirth changes over time and i am beginning to understand how i fought my body thru the process. birth and parenthood offers so many mirrors for the rest of life, that it is overwhelming sometimes, but so helpful if I can let it be that.
    lots of love to your family

  4. C.L.

    This is so incredibly helpful to me! Thank you so much for sharing! I just had the epiphany myself that I fought my body during labor instead of trusting it. I am due again in September and I am doing LOTS of reading in an effort to learn from others’ stories and gain a mindset that will let me trust my body.

    I am also relieved to find that I am not the only one who had a difficult first birthing experience.