8 responses to “Absurd Birth Scenes – She’s Having A Baby”

  1. Kathy

    Two movies with birth scenes you should review (if you haven’t already) are “Look Who’s Talking” with Kirstie Alley & John Travolta, and “Fools Rush In,” with Matthew Perry & Salma Hayek. In both movies, the water breaks and they are instantly in full-throttle labor, just minutes away from birth. The saving grace for LWT is that at least they have a real newborn (played by whatever baby boy had just been born at the hospital when they were filming the scene) rather than a 3-m/o baby; plus the birth scene is fairly early in the movie so even if you hate the movie, you won’t have to watch very far. Although the scene in which Kirstie Alley’s milk comes in and she can’t wear any of her shirts is humorous as well.

  2. Gloria Lemay

    That is so weird. Did her membranes never release or bulge? Did no one see black meconium pouring out like toothpaste? Given that she is under medical care in hosp did she not have an u/sound and 75 internals during the birth?

    I was thinking you should put up that scene in Jerry Maguire where they are all having lunch and the African American woman releases her membranes. They start grabbing up the toddlers and rushing off while throwing money at the table to pay the bill and she gives birth 10 secs after they get into the hosp room. Lots of drama.

  3. racquel austin-abdullah

    is that an alien on her face?

    1. jelikin

      Ha ha, yes it is very reminiscent of the scene from Alien where John Hurt gets impregnated by the alien. Similarly, they both have babies popping out of their stomachs. Well, poor John didn’t have much alternative. His bum perhaps?

  4. Pria

    It’s not a movie, but the final episode of Glee season 1 has a hilarious/absurd birth scene – waters breaking to birth in the same length of time of Bohemian Rhapsody.

  5. Em

    lol, do actors and directors do NO research before they decide to make a film?!

    I am home sick at the moment and decided to rent a few chick flicks, and for some reason grabbed The Backup Plan starring JLo. Now there are some interesting birth scenes in that! Including a homebirth scene, which seems to suggest that people who have homebirths are all crazy people which is reather traumatic to JLo And then a hospital birth which you don’t see much of but apparently is much more sensible. I am sure you will have many things to write about the whole movie…it is all so frustrating to watch – even the guys reaction to her being pregnant makes u want to slap him. I actually don’t know why I watched it the whole way through.

  6. Jayna

    I think you’re assuming something with this one. A footling breech with cord issues could easily makes them rush like that. They’re hardly going to specify in a movie, and pre-internet, 99% of people wouldn’t have known half the birth terms or variations of breech or anything. So saying “it’s a cord prolapse” would have been goggbledegook to the audience.

    But man, I’m glad I wasn’t giving birth then. I thought they were already in surgery when they were putting him in a gown and taking him to the operating room.

    Gloria, you should talk to some birth professionals about it! Many midwives and Obs have had at least one surprise breech. Including the hilarious (possibly urban myth) story about the “tight 1cm” that was a baby butt.