46 responses to “Homebirth Video – Born In The Caul”

  1. Mayangel

    It was just awesome watching this gorgeous babe look at mumma and await earth side breathing to begin and then start to move when it started…beautiful music too :0)

  2. Kristi

    that was so cool, thanks for sharing it. He looked so calm. I say “he” `cuz he looked like a boy, was it? Home birth is just the best way to go isn`t it! God is good!!

  3. Gloria Lemay

    So lovely, what a nice arrival for a new human.

  4. Sara Cox

    Oh Lisa that was amazing!

    So beautiful and peaceful.

    Thank you for sharing!

  5. Rachel Reed

    Just gorgeous – thanks to you and the parents for sharing such magic.

  6. Bonnie B Matheson

    Absolutely fabulous! Gives me goosebumps in a good way!!! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful birth.

    Blessings to you and your family.

  7. Janet

    Oh that’s lovely! Thank you to the family for sharing. :)

  8. Carolyn

    Thanks for posting this lovely story and fantastic video Lisa. Thanks to the Mum for letting us all see this. Hopefully it will help other women and those caring for them and supporting them to understand more about birth and how it can be.

  9. Hannah

    Wow that’s fantastic! Thanks to the woman and her family x

  10. Jan Tritten

    Here is what birth is suppose to look like. Isn’t it sad that so few of the world’s babies get to be born like that. Thank you so much for sharing! I’m going to post this link on my facebook page. Thank you Gloria for leading me to it! Thank you motherbaby for sharing.

  11. Cassie

    Wow I’ve seen heaps of birth videos but I’ve never seen that before thats awesome. :-) Thanks for sharing

  12. Boann

    Beautiful to see this video Lisa. My daughter was also born in her caul, my midwife told us it was considered very lucky and that in the past the caul was highly sought for by fishermen as a talisman. It was said to ward away the evils of the water and prevent drowning. I found it very fascinating indeed.

  13. Serena26

    Amazing :) The baby looked so calm and alert at the same time

  14. Sue Kinross

    Hi there beautiful woman, thank you for sharing this amazing birth.. and thank you to the mother who generously shared too. Hope a well with you? You seem to be busy! I am heading to WA in November… maybe attempt to nead to Adelaide and see your new birth space?? Sue x x

  15. Lorna Davies

    Keep them coming Lisa. You are providing us with the most amazing teaching resources. Thank you to you and the parents X

  16. Gina Merlin

    That was beautiful, thank you for posting! What wonderful work you’re doing. By the way, according to old mariner lore, being born in the caul also means that baby will never drown. Through many a stormy passage, sailors felt safe even while tossed upon the briny tops. As long as there was a caul on board, everyone aboard would reach their destination without fear!

  17. Erica

    I love how, after the head is born, she reaches over and pats the baby’s head–so sweet!

  18. Amber Morrisey @BirthRoutes

    So gorgeous. I love sharing videos of bubs born in the caul. It makes you wonder how many more would be born this way if care providers weren’t so rupture happy.

    Thank you!

  19. Pria

    beautiful – thank you so much for sharing. What a peaceful entrance to the world.

  20. Cláudia Oliveira

    Que imagens maravilhosas!!!É muito importante divulgar para o mundo e principalmente para o Brasil como dar a luz pode estar relacionado ao prazer, bem estar, segurança e saúde.Parabéns e obrigada por compartilhar este momento tão especial

  21. kirrililly

    Amazing! Lisa thanks so much to you and the mum for sharing such a beautiful video. I agree with the comments above that it would be wonderful if this were more common. This is very inspiring to watch along with other birth videos I have seen on your site, the frank breech especially – I have watched that one over and over and it makes me wonder why many medical professionals have such fear about breech birth. I think this is another one I will be watching again for that inspiration, thanks again.

  22. Juniper Cole-Taylor

    I love this video. I especially love the way her second stage is being allowed to go at its own pace. Also, the way she is supporting her own tissue during the birth of the head. I did that for three of my babies, and I can still fee the skin of their heads in my hands when I think about it. Once, I caught a baby who was both in the caul, and direct OP, so she was born like a little doll, all wrapped up like a little present with her face looking up at me. Now, she is in my daughter’s third grade class, and they are best friends.

  23. Ros Vroom

    Huge thanks to Rachel Reed for leading me to this video and to Lisa’s resources.
    May all first time Mums discover these videos/blogs early in their pregnancy – which of course would influence their choices throughout their pregnancy/birth journey.
    I feel honoured to be able to share this experience – thanks.

  24. Natalie

    Aww what an awesome video, My daughter Kalina (5 months) was born in the Caul in a birthing pool, I wish we had video of her birth. We thankfully have a picture or two at least :) Thank you for sharing this video :)

  25. Laura Brett

    Hi Lisa. My friend told me about you. I really LOVE this video. I was born in the Caul back in 1979 so it was great to see what that meant – the midwife told my mum shortly after that I would never drown! I’m a wife and mum of three myself now AND a First year UG Student Midwife at Leeds and I can’t wait to get on my first placement and be ‘with woman’.

    I love your heart and your passion for natural birth. :)


  26. Seed

    I am in absolute tears of joy right now after seeing this beautiful birth. I am 20 weeks along with my first right now and this is a perfect picture of an ideal welcome into the world. I have to comment on the sweet melodic song as well. The words are so lovely. Thank you!

  27. yenan

    I need your expert opinion. I was induced and my son came in 3 hrs. The nurse said she saw a “bulging bag of waters” when he was crowning. He was out with one push and I know my water didn’t break before he came. I think they broke him out as he was coming out but I’m not sure at what exact moment. All I do know is that he slipped out fast and easy and was very quiet. Is this the same thing or was my son’s being born in a Caul taken away from him? What are your thoughts? Thank you and I love your video.

  28. Hannah

    Wow…that was so beautiful, I heard a big thud on my papers, and relized id droped a silent tear in awe and happness of such marvalous and special sights! Thank you all for sharing, Baby was so calm, what a treasure to have a birth like this and to get such a clear video….well done Mum, congratulations to the entire family! x

  29. robin davis


  30. Patty

    Wow…I’ve never seen a homebirth before…that was so chill and calm! That little baby looked like he was ready to go back to sleep!

    I’ve only seen videos of hospital births before…they seem so violent in comparison, handling the baby in such a rushed way, sticking things in their throat, etc. This was so cool!

  31. Heather Fisher

    Beautiful birth! I loved his/her little blinks, like, “oh, hello…nice to meet you”

  32. bethany

    So sweet! Made me cry! Makes me look forward to having another little miracle in the future!!!!!

  33. Ellie

    Gosh I would love to see this with the real audio, the real birth sounds. Why mask what a real birth sounds like with canned music?

  34. sandie

    you are one truly amazing woman lisa…i am doing my research project for my year 12 sace because i want to be a midwife and i have picked home birth vs hospital birth after watching many videos it has opened my eyes to how un stressful labor can be im a mother of 2 i had my daughter when i was 16 in modbury and it was the most traumatic experience of my life i had midwives waking her up at 2am with torches in her face and telling me off because i was not feeding her and the whole place just felt so “run of the mill’ like my personal experience was just another statistic. what you do is let nature take control we are born and made to be experts at birth and it’s what we do best i would love to catch up if possible and get your personal opinion on home births if at all possible maybe coffee my shout x

  35. Marie

    I had both my babies in the hospital with a CNM both who were great, but both times they broke the bag of waters to help their births along. I certaintly was not in labor long with either, 6 hrs with first and only 2 hrs. with the last from start of contractions to birth of baby and I did almost of the laboring at home. I know with my second, they said it was blocking/preventing the baby from coming out and it would speed up the process (but they said it in a different way-I can’t remember the words verbatim)
    When would it be truly necessary, if ever?
    Would my babies have been born in the caul or would the waters have broken on their own?
    I am especially curious as I am pregnant with baby #3 and will most likely go to the same hospital again as I just found out it is illegal for midwives to attend homebirths in the state if SD:(
    Thanks for the articles and any insight you have!

  36. skye vehr

    I am writing all the way from the states of USAto say you have one of the best sites I have encountered at all, it is very informative and heartwarming- and so few of the babies scream, as if the calmness of the mother translated to them, and so few of the women shake, they are obviously more at ease at home than in a bed with metal runners down it’s two narrow sides.Thanks to everyone!

  37. Sita Tara

    Brilliant work Lisa!
    All of your blog is just awesome… Im so glad some one is still providing freedom of information of natural birth………….. Im so happy actually, that I am speechless!
    Blessings to you and your beautiful gift.
    Love Sita

  38. Polly

    I am extremely confused.. (or maybe just stupid.), but where is the umbilical cord? And Is this the actual whole placenta? Wouldn’t this somehow tear something inside of the mother?

  39. ariannae gonzales

    wow! thats amazing! its like she’s laying egg. congrats! beautiful baby :)
    how lucky the baby to have a wonderful mom.

  40. Diane

    Thank you, Im due in 2 weeks and everything has been so negative and resistant for me to have my baby at home I forgot about the magic of it all. You made me see the magic again.