10 responses to “Medical veto, what can we do about it?”

  1. infomidwife

    Hello Lisa,
    not everyone agrees with your thoughts, I believe in homebirth but i also believe in that every woman should have the option to have continuity of care and every midwife that wants to work in the way they choose should be able to have a Medicare provider number…. midwifery is not just about homebirth….there are midwives that just want to do antenatal and postnatal care, or look after low risk women and for the women to claim a Medicare rebate.
    Yes I agree that the Determination has many issues, and i don’t like the veto, but until tried and proven not to work we can not say it is rubbish…Once we have evidence that the Determination does not work or the issues we have with it, the government will look to change it… we will lose 10yrs of lobbying if we just throw this away…. it will take another 10 yrs to get to this point again, and if you think that the coalition will make a difference, history shows us different, it will never happen. Sometimes it is better to accept and have something, and work to change it rather than have nothing to change at all….. If this falls flat on its face, I would think the government won’t put it up again…we will have burnt our bridges…. And I for one will fight for this not to happen because the women I care for want to be able to claim a Medicare rebate.
    If you overturn this you will still be in the same boat in relation to regulation, insurance and the rest…..The College of Midwives has a responsibility to look after all its membership and the women who those midwives care for, yes that includes homebirth and the College supports homebirth but this is bigger than just homebirth this is the future of midwifery as a profession and women’s access to Medicare for midwifery services, the women deserve an affordable choice; women want a Medicare rebate for midwifery services, it is about being fair and equitable…… its about the women:
    I implore you to give it a go!

  2. Michelle

    infomidwife I understand where you are coming from and I respect everyone to see this in their own way. I don’t see it in the same way you do, I see that accepting the determination is selling out all women, not just home birth women, but all women. What benefit is it to allow a system that a women’s decisions can be overturned by a doctor? I don’t see many women winning out of this new system at all, it’s all just lip service to what’s best for women. Most women I talk to about this (home birthers AND hospital birthers) don’t want a part of ANY system that gives a doctor the right to overturn their decisions and won’t take crumbs in order to hope for more. Again I respect the view of others who see it differently, but at the end of the day it’s women who will be shafted by this legislation and women are saying NO!

  3. infomidwife

    Lisa, the government will let this go…..they don’t need it…. this is no joke we will lose everything for women, no there is currently no medicare rebate for homebirth, but there is for antenatal and postnatal care. I have a vision that there will be medicare for homebirth in the future… it is little steps first and work for the rest. I have it on good authority that not all private practice midwives believe what you do…. and I am real… I am not looking at my pocket I am looking for the welfare of women and midwives; I think its time you got real…. the government is not joking this is for real……..you are selling out women!

  4. emsijane

    Excuse me Infomidwife? Hello? Where do I sit in all of this? Hello? I’m over here! I’m a woman who plans on having another baby. Did you notice me?
    You accuse Lisa of selling out women but as it stands Lisa is one of the few midwives and birth practitioners I know who will support me at home at a HBAC. No doctor or hospital will sign me off as ‘appropriate’ for a home birth or for that matter (if I wanted) the hospital model of care of my choice. Where are my rights? Why should it be ok for a doctor to veto and derail any educated and deliberated choice I should make in relation to my and my baby’s care. I don’t make decisions about my body and baby in a bloody vacuum! Birthing babies is the most important thing I’ll do! I research and ask questions and weigh up the pros and cons and frankly so do all the women I know who choose to make a decision about where and how they birth.
    As an educated, free thinking woman my choice is to birth at home and stay as far away from hospital as I bloody well can unless it is absolutely necessary. I had the classic cascade of intervention resulting in a csection at the hands of an uncaring medical system (and just so you know, it was through a birth centre so I had continuity of care – fat load of good that was). I choose to forgo any payments from medicare and any of the bells and whistles that are apparently so great about all these changes to make an autonomous choice. It’s not about money, it’s not about midwives, it’s about women and their bodies.
    It’s my body and it’s my baby and I will not jump through hoops to birth where I want and with the attendant I want!
    You are kidding yourself if you think you speak for women! You certainly don’t speak for me, or for my friend who can’t get the hospital birth that she wants because she’s too fat and has the big red cross from the head ob, or the hundreds of thousands of other birthing women who will be fucked up the arse by these appalling ‘reforms’.
    No, this isn’t just about homebirth this is fundamentally about women having a right to choose their model of care. It seems you have no understanding of what being ‘with woman’ really means and that is really very sad. I’d have a bit of pity if I wasn’t so pissed off.

  5. Tiffany Zimmermann

    Infomidwife, you say “until tried and proven not to work we can not say it is rubbish”… well it has been tried, in the US, where it DID fail, where doctors refused to enter into agreements, where group midwifery practices and individual midwives were unable to provide hospital and birth centre services, so much so, that in NY state (correct me if I am wrong), they have repealed the law requiring collaborative agreements.

    I can tell you that my husband, who is a doctor, approached his insurer about collaborative agreements, and has been advised not to enter into agreements with midwives, and has been told that he risks nulifying his own insurance policy. He has made the decision that he will not enter into collaborative agreements (not even with me), and so have 100% of his colleagues.

    So as great as the idea of ‘medicare for midwives’ appears to be superficially, it does NOT further the profession of midwives, nor does it enable continuity of care with one known midwife throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

    My passion is midwifery, not obstetric nursing, and I believe this legislation reduces midwives to this subservient role, and limits women’s choices and control over their own reproductive decisions.

  6. Cassie

    Yeah sorry infomidwife but I’m also with Lisa and emsijane. I would prefer to go without a medicare rebate and keep my fundermental human rights and the rights of my future child/ren. I find the whole thing ridiculous and it is the Government thats sold out women not Lisa. Oh and I really can’t see the Government letting this go and it WILL NOT work.

    1. Chrissy

      Ditto Cass.