6 responses to “THE BIRTH PLACE”

  1. kel

    this is just too cool for words. well done. im so excite for you and the women of adelaide.

  2. Hannah

    Cool logo. Can’t wait!

  3. Lennon Clark

    Love the mandala! I wish I could come to the grand opening! Dang ocean is in the way….

  4. Kristi

    I am so excited for you. I really wish we were in the same country. I would be there helping any way I could. Do you have a donation button on this site I would love to give even if it is only a few bucks. Keep up the good fight sister! Blessings-Kristi Wilbanks

  5. Janet

    Great stuff, Lisa! :)

  6. Deanne Schmid

    This is awesome Lisa! Well done. You are such a champion for natural birth, home birth, and conscious parenting. Lucky Adelaide to have you opening such a wonderful centre here…wouldn’t it be wonderful to see a chain of these centres globally!!! Congratulations I wish you every success. Will email you some ideas re local publicity. Will always remember what a great support you were to me birthing Maya, breech HBAC. You are an amazing midwife and I honour and acknowledge you keeping the midwifery skills alive, that are sadly being lost in the system. Go girl! x Love your work, Deanne