41 responses to “We will not comply”

  1. Simon Jones

    I;m outraged at attempts by the “medical profession” to control even the debate. Shame on them !

  2. Majda Schilder

    I had two of my three kids at home with a supportive, informative, knowledgeable, wise and experienced midwife who enabled me to heal my first birth experience which was a horrendous hospital birth that stripped my women power from me and left me feeling invaded, sad and angry. The homebirth experience was incredible empowering, beautiful and something I would not change for the world, a choice that should not be taken away from women. It’s our bodies and we have the right to make an informed decision.

  3. Michelle Fisher

    I have had 5 children – not at home but in a family birth centre in a hospital (I would have like to but it was too costly) My last baby I had they sent me to the hospital delivery suite because my waters had broken but I had not gone into labour. There I was met with a Doctor who insisted I need a cesearian because the head was not fully engaged and my baby could die – I told her that I just needed to empty my bladder and I’m sure it would be fine – I then went to the toilet and lo behold my babies head was in the right position. This was the start of many interventions I had to fight not to have.

  4. hannahfaerie

    Safety comes from education, not legislation.

  5. Ray Millikin

    Privileged to attend the home birth of two of my three children (attended the first in a good hospital, all things considered) Midwives are outstandingly-present facilitators of the most precious opportunity that is giving birth. Their commitment to empowering and loving/caring for women in labour, is unyielding. They deserve to be able to practise home-birthing WITHOUT fear-based medical intervention and young women need to benefit from the opportunity of being educated about the safety of birthing at home.

  6. meredith

    I believe in the power of choice and the woman’s right to birth where she would like, provided the pregnancy has progressed normally with no complications.

  7. Sarah

    i had my first 2 children in the hospital and i am looking forward to having my third in the comfort of my home with a midwife and i think its disgusting that the Canadian and American government need to control every thing and every one, free country’s my butt!! there is no reason that midwives should not be excepted

  8. boann

    I had my beautiful daughter in the comfort of my home. I want to have the choice to do the same again. Every woman should have the right to choose.

  9. Beverley Walker

    As well as leaving your support here please voice your concerns to your midwifery organisations NOW even if you are not a member.
    Go to the Home Birth Australia HBA website to see their position (up soon 25.09.10)

    NOW Write or make an appointment with your Federal Senator (Upper House) who will be needed to vote on a revoking or disallowing the determination.

    RIGHT NOW (Parliament sits in 3 days) Ring write or make an appointment with a lower house of Representative in your electorate whatever Party including Independents.

    It can be rewritten despite the rumours you hear otherwise. There is nothing which has been directly said by the Minister that Medicare wont happen for midwives.

    The MIDWIFERY Determination is separate. It would not be hard to keep the legislation with a few sentences written with an invited contribution from a respected obstetrician..

    Make that point clear women are entitled to claim Medicare through nearly other health profession. Midwives have been denied this ability since Medicare was introduced except for $16.00 in 2003.

    We need to demand the demoocratic right to have fair representation of consumers and midwives on the re-writing of this Determination.
    I suggest we call for the VETO of Obstetricians directly opposed to home birth being involved in its restructure.

    Midwives have the right to practise and women have the right to choose. where and with whom they birth.
    The Glasgow Declaration of the International Confederation of Midwives 2008 says so.

  10. Beverley Walker

    Re the urgent e-bulletin sent on 20/9/10 requesting feedback.

    As a Fellow of the College and long time practicing midwife, I am writing to express my deep concern that the College may accept short term gain e.g. small Medicare payments for women who access a limited number of midwifery services from a limited number of midwives, in exchange for a loss of autonomy and veto by the medical profession. IT IS TOO BIG A RISK TO TAKE!

    The ICM statement FRAMEWORK FOR MIDWIFERY LEGISLATION AND REGULATION, says that the profession should be governed by midwives.

    I do not understand how midwives can practice according to the International Confederation of a Midwife (ICM) definition of a midwife, when they are to be supervised, vetoed and controlled by a system with values and norms totally contradictory to midwifery led care.

    I say NO to the terms of the current Determination. And NO to allowing it pass without debate, on the expectation that the politicians will make any changes later.


    The loss of autonomy for the profession of midwifery will be detrimental both to midwives and to the women who seek our services.

  11. Susan Donohue

    Stop fostering the medicalisation of childbirth, innate with paternalistic values and practices. Take heed of the success of the UK experience, support specialist midwives to keep birth a HUMANE experience, and give birth choice back to women themselves. Women have a right to self determination, to look after their own bodies, their own health and their own birthright to birth supported by midwives. The declaration of the Alma Ata in advocating health for all espouses that the individual has the right to make healthy choices, the right to determine their own individual health outcomes based on their own knowledge. Help Australia move forward, not back. Support midwives to support Australian women.

  12. Rachel Reed

    I am a midwife ‘with woman’. I will not be ‘with system’ or ‘with obstetrician’. I am happy to collaborate with any person necessary to provide woman-centred care (and do so). However, I will not be regulated and controlled by the medical profession who have no interest in supporting women’s choice and autonomy.

  13. Jacaranda

    Signed and sent. I will not comply, too much is at stake. It is my body, my choice. I will not comply!!!

  14. Donna

    I am a homebirth mother and I WILL NOT COMPLY!!! although I guess my freebirth actually did comply lol… My body my baby my choice.

  15. Amy McDowell

    Keep up the good work, gals!

  16. Emma Bratley

    We are all entitled to knowledge and choice, It is a basic human right in my opinion.

  17. Amanda Liddell

    There is an assumption here that is based around the concept that home births mean a higher risk of danger and malpractice. From my experience, home births involve more care and attention because they are home births. I have been a privileged support to three home births now, one which ended up with hospital intervention and I can say from experience, I would choose home birth as a first option. Every time! With out a doubt! Unless there were obvious reasons why hospital care would be necessary i.e. I was hemophiliac. Hospital complacency left my sister and her child distressed and unattended for over an hour ( during the last stages of labor ) . Retardation due to “hospital “care is not a matter to take lightly nor is not having a choice. It makes me furious to think that any one could even contemplate making it against the law to choose how to bring a child into this world. This world and it’s occupants are already damaged enough. We need home births more than ever now. They have no right to make this law. No right to dis-empower a woman when she is at her most vulnerable. How dare they even contemplate this act !

  18. Mandy

    Having a baby at home should be the right of every woman to choose should she wish to. With a trained midwife alongside, it is a safe, rewarding and blissful experience.

    The safety I felt while birthing my second child at home helped me to relax and open to the joys of a natural birth which also happened to be a VBAC. My experience in a private hospital was a disaster. I was treated disrespectfully and ended up with intervention after intervention which cascaded into an emergency caesarean in the early hours of the morning where my son was pulled out by his right leg into the bright lights of a sterile emergency room under the watchful eyes of at least half a dozen people. I lay, unable to move as I watched my son carried across the room in unfamilar arms to be wrapped before being able to snuggle up to him fleetingly before the anaethetist, with swift hands delivered more medication to slow my rapid pulse. Due to the epidural, establishment of breastfeeding was delayed and my start to motherhood was an utter disappointment.

    By contrast, my midwife got to know my son prior to my second birth and made him a part of a beautiful process. I birthed my daughter in our shower with my husband and son present while my midwife watched and skilfully provided guidance when needed. The house was quiet and calm with natural light and familiar smells for my daughter when she was born. My midwife stayed with me for 4 hours post-birth, proving me with this highest level of medical care I have ever received. She even made me toast and cleaned the bathroom!!

    There’s no way I would ever choose to birth in a hospital after my homebirth experience. I encourage every woman to explore the options available to them when they are pregnant and make an informed choice.

  19. Dr Carlie McBurnie

    I am a homebirthing mother & a family/paediatric chiropractor who will never comply! I see too often the detrimental effects of hospital births on both mother & baby & will continue to support private midwifery & homebirths to all my patients, family & friends. Keep up the good work girls :) xx

  20. Jill Ritter

    Without right of choice for the beginning of life. What hope is there for our children’s future!

  21. Natalie Hemingway

    I have had both my children at home and plan on having number 3 at home too! This is a decision i should be able to make and feel very frightened and very angry at the thought of this not happening. Women should be able to choose how and where they give birth…. whatever that choice is. This is not about just supporting homebirth, its about supporting choice.

  22. Belinda Denison

    I support women’s choice to birth where they believe is best for themselves and and their babies. I support midwives being able to work as professionals in their own right. Mostly I support babies being born into this world in a natural, loving, safe, supported way. The private midwife I had who supported and empowered me through my VBAC is worth her weight in gold. I could not have achieved what I did without her. I would be mortified to think that choice was not available to other women.

  23. Amanda Downsborough

    I am only weeks away from having my second baby, my second homebirth. I am a midwife myself and simply cannot understand why people continue to question my decision. Especially when the first was such a wonderful experience and the fact that I have made a very educated decision! I am happy to say that I am very much looking forward to labour!!! And of course, the gift at the end. I have the same midwife as I did with the first pregnancy and birth and think she is absolutely incredible. I WILL NEVER COMPLY. I just wish more people could see my point of view instead of being so ignorant…

  24. Christine Perrins

    I support as many choces as you can with the birth process. For choices to be taken away is not fair and can affect the relationship between mother and child and the development of the baby.

  25. Jannene Howse

    I just had an emergency home birth as my labour was very fast (40 min of both stages) and it was the most exhilarating experience, I was on a high for days. I felt empowered and safe n my own environment. I had wanted a homebirth and had a long way to the hospital, so was prepared mentally for the possibility.
    I would love all women to experience what I had. I think to take away this right from women a right they have had for thousands of years and in countries all over the world is to victimise instead of empowering them and sets them up for a lack of confidence in themselves and their own ability to nurture and mother their babies that has a flow on effect that we can not calculate.

  26. Mirjana Vukusic

    I believe that women should have the option of birth in there choice of place, its a natural process and I cant understand how and why the “system” can’t seem to see that…..as women have been delivering baby’s for a very very long time……

  27. Jade

    I also believe in the power of choice and the woman’s right to birth where she would like, provided the pregnancy has progressed normally with no complications.

  28. Rose Kay

    i’ve had 5 home births. i’m 50 this year, my first child was born in Upwey Victoria i was 20.
    People used to try and put me off it… i was strong and individual and nothing would persuade me otherwise.. i also had a phobia of having my child in hospital and getting sick.. After all hospitals are for those who need it … it is a choice..
    if i had all five again … i would do them all home birth again… My eldest got to see his brother born at home 13 Years after he was born, and that he will never forget… His partner had her children at home also… Oh by the way my mother had all of us at home and there are 6 .. my mother is now 82!!!
    i know a woman who recently had a child in hospital … She was in the old style Stirrups and had a very long labour .. Home Birth Educates Women … you know the old girl scout thing BE PREPARED…….. let nature take its course… sometimes things are just too simple we complicate it with our intelligence or lack of it………..I’LL SUPPORT THE MIDWIVES ALL THE WAY AS THEY SUPPORTED ME…………….

  29. Helen Pearce

    Why is it we are so backwards in this country concerning Home Births and midwifery led care during pregnancy , the government saves money and there are better outcomes .
    We had 2 beautiful Home Births at home in the a Birth pool but we had to pay over $2500 for this even tho our Births cost the government nothing .
    Midwives are amazing we felt safe the whole time and fully informed of our choices unlike the hospitalised Births who have a higher rate of caesareans an lower rates of Mothers who breastfeed .
    Please is there anyone out there listening or reading any of the research done on these things stop passing the buck an look after Australian Women by letting them have a choice this is supposed to be the lucky country .

  30. Courtney

    I will not comply. A womans choice should be exactly that – her own. Why should anyone, especially a government have the right to dictate what should happen to my body. Home birth is not only about birthing at home it is about instilling woman with the confidence & knowledge of their own body & what it is capable of.

  31. Michelle Moran

    I believe it is every womans right to decide how they want to deliver their baby.

  32. Yvonne

    Is it worth contacting the CEDAW (Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women to see what they think about the new legislation) http://www.google.com.au/#hl=en&source=hp&biw=1382&bih=716&q=CEDAW&btnG=Google+Search&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=&fp=58bacb899c53bef. It would be nice to see a national response and maybe we could get some help (-:

  33. Nita

    This was, in time past, the ONLY option. Now it is to be no option at all. The breech births speak louder than anything to me. Home birth should be preferred. Lets stop covering for Drs, making them more comfortable and placing them in control. We were made for this!

  34. AP.

    The reason that the governments listen to doctors is because they know what they are talking about.
    Home birthing is not a choice like choosing vanilla or chocolate ice cream in the supermarket.
    You are making a choice not only for yourself, but also for your unborn child. This is why “choice” of a woman is different in this context than for any other aspect of their health care.

    Hospital-based care has plenty of problems, no one would deny that, and bad outcomes happen in hospital too, no one denies that.
    However, if something goes wrong with a “natural” labour. who picks up the pieces? Yup, you guessed it, doctors and hospital midwives. If the mother and baby were in hospital to start with, often bad outcomes could be either prevented and/or treated early to stop a worse outcome.

    Recently WA data suggests that there is a ~3-4x increase in perinatal mortality data for home birth than hospital birth: http://www.ranzcog.edu.au/publications/statements/Cobs2.pdf

    1. SM

      “Home birthing is not a choice like choosing vanilla or chocolate ice cream in the supermarket”

      I find that frankly a little insulting. I think you’ll find that women who home birth are far more well-read and researched, have interviewed and assessed the person who will be present at their birth, have made and discussed a birth plan and all the options, have practised breathing techniques and natural birth positions etc etc.

      A patient who simply hands over all responsibility for her body to someone she has barely spent an hour with is not making anything like a comparably responsible choice.