6 responses to “Will the Queen sacrifice the Pawns?”

  1. Free

    So…this means what for women? I don’t really care for midwives who don’t care for women. What’s so great about medicare if women can’t access it for a homebirth?

  2. Hannah

    Great post. The threats are just incredible, if you’re naughty you get nothing!! Let them disallow it and be rid of this saga.

  3. Samantha Burckhardt

    you raise and excellent point – what about the right of the woman to say no to sharing her information? it’s another example of the silent yet ongoing erosion of our rights, right under our noses.

  4. Chels

    There seems to be a lot of in-fighting amongst the ACM. ACMQld do NOT support a medical veto.

  5. Ella

    So are they dangling a carrot in front of us, saying we have to agree to the medical veto or we don’t get any of their carrot (medicare, PBS)?

    Honestly, they can stick their carrot up their arses for all I care. I’d rather pay my way and keep my bodily autonomy.