7 responses to “Absurd Birth Scenes – Rosemary’s Baby”

  1. Gloria Lemay

    Ewwww!!! I never went to see that when it was in the movies because I knew it would be horrifying. Still horrifying. Lovely Mia Farrow—what real life horrors she’s endured at the hands of the Hollywood devils. Pre-partum hysteria, always a fancy medical term for why the woman is “broken” to cover up who/what “broke” her. Guess that’s where someone got the idea for PPD.

    I couldn’t help but wonder how a medicated woman with no skin to skin contact with a baby wouldn’t be bleeding out after the birth.

    Nice insidious programming going on there in the ’60s that “all things can be treated in hospital”–yeah, sure.

    That one should come with a strong warning.

  2. Janet

    I always enjoy this series, Lisa, but this entry I really really enjoyed. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen “Rosemary’s [husband's and Satan's] Baby” and I can’t say I’m regretting that right now.

  3. jelikin

    I think a little bit after this scene Rosemary’s suspicions are heightened. She is regularly expressing breast milk that they claim is being thrown away. But when she goes to contaminate it with a dirty spoon they become angry. So even Satan knows breast is best.

    For those that haven’t seen the movie, at the very end Rosemary confronts the group of Satanists next door. She sees her baby in a pram, but is horrified at what it looks like (we don’t really see it). But then she has second thoughts and looks fondly at the baby, suggesting that the bond between mother and baby is so strong that it can overcome the baby’s physical appearance.

    Anyway, the part where the Ob announces she’s in labour has to be one of the best. And why did he look at his watch, like he was measuring her pulse?

    You’re right though, her treatment was awful. The husband sides with the Ob, and the “delusional” pregnant woman is all alone. A familiar story for some maybe?

  4. majikfaerie

    Haven’t seen this movie, but I read the book some years ago. The twist at the end is that though they try to hide the baby from Rosemary, she does find out about it, and sees her baby, which has little horns and hoofs. Apparently they’d tried to hide the baby from her because they thought she’d stop them or do something to harm “Satan’s” child. But when she sees the baby she instantly falls in love and bonds.

  5. Natasha

    This is off topic… but I would love you to review Betty’s birth scene in the TV series Mad Men (birth in the 60′s)

  6. olivia

    Quit interesting and scary