The Birth Place Opening 5th November

Opening Night 5th November,  Film night, Throwing out the lies with the birth water $15 dollar entry to cover film hire. 308a Glen Osmond Road, Fullerton.

I want to start running my work shops for baby wearing and breast feeding in November.

breast feeding on 20th November  and Baby Wearing on 4th December.  We have slings for everyone who comes to a baby wearing class and a membership to the ABA for the Breast feeding class along with knitted breasts!!

Also I’d like to start the Student workshops 18th November with Mapping the Pelvis and a talk on variations of normal on 2nd December.

I am on go slow with this simply because I am stuck on how to get the word  out.  Facebook is great but there has to be ways to get it out to the general public.  I would love ideas here.  I also want a calender on my blog,  My technical guru is apparently onto it but we know how slowly these people work!!

The painting in nearly finished at The birth place, we have some volunteers for keeping everything open, I just have to get a few more pieces of furnishing and put art work onto the walls.  I have all the ideas but I feel a bit like wading through mud.  I think it may be because I’m lazy at heart so find it difficult to actually get the ideas to become reality, plus I still have all my lovely clients to keep up with.

We have a consulting room that we have just finished painting.  Anyone who is interested could contact me.  It looks great now and would be ideal for a homeopath, naturopath or chiro who may want a place to work from once or twice a week.  A lactation consultant is also interested  in using the space.

We have space for Yoga and hopefully have someone lined up to start teaching yoga once a week after we open.

We will also be having EFT classes.

We aren’t starting our birth choices, planning and active birth classes until after Christmas and I really want to be able to advertise before that.

We will offer pregnancy tests for $2 and all the information possible on birth choices in South Australia.  I’m busy thinking of all the leaflets and source information so we can have it at hand for women at the centre.

I have also been thinking about having a selection of items like breast feeding tea for sale.  Again, I just have to get off my butt and make it happen.

7 responses to “The Birth Place Opening 5th November”

  1. Rixa

    Ideas for spreading the word…
    Have your local public radio station announce it on their community calendar, especially if you’re offering free/educational sessions or film screenings of some sort
    Print off some lovely fliers and distribute them all over town–community bulletin boards, businesses, etc
    Contact your local newspaper and let them know about this new place that’s opening and invite them to some of the events/festivities
    Have some sort of thing to draw people in: giveaways, freebies (like free massages, etc), and so on

  2. Hannah

    ooh I can’t wait for yoga, will finally get me off my butt. Beginners and very unfit people welcome hopefully?

  3. Melinda

    I would love to come to this, but we will be heading off on our first family holiday in over a year:(

  4. Dr, Leigh Dick-Read


    My computing has been a bit disrupted – including internet.. I persist!

    I’d like to phone you. Can I have your number and times when it is convenient for you to talk.

    Thanks Lisa.

    L D-R
    9432 609 257

    1. Dr, Leigh Dick-Read


      I put the wrong number! Sorry

      0432 609 267

      I’d like to come on the 5th.

      L D-R

  5. margo van der voort

    Lisa, how about free spiritual magazines like Nova and Living Now? They get distributed far and wide. Ring up Elisabeth from Living Now and talk about how she can support you to get the word out.
    Love what you do and your website!

  6. Morgana

    Hi Lisa,
    what time is this starting tomorrow night?