4 responses to “Absurd Birth Scenes – Look Who’s Talking”

  1. Kathy

    The nurse does say “5-6″ as in cm dilated; no, the US doesn’t use some weird fractions for dilation. :-) Not sure why the discrepancy in the nurse telling Mollie that she’s “almost fully dilated” while she tells the doctor she’s only about half-way. Could be that the screenwriters were ignorant; could be that they were just making the nurse into a b*tch who was refusing to help the mother get pain medication even though she was fairly early in labor (not sure why the nurse is just sitting there reading; most L&D nurses I know would complain about having too much to do to just sit in a patient’s room doing nothing), or that the nurse felt she was progressing pretty fast, even though just a primip.

  2. Rachele Meredith

    I thought it was interesting that the nurse whipped Demorol out of her pocket when the doctor asked for it. I wonder what sort of hospital would have staff wandering around with those sort of drugs in their pockets. And yes, even when I saw this movie as a teenager I thought it was a bit weird that the baby was full term yet floating around in a big space and barely had fingers, just stumps like a 9 week embryo. Also, how long is his mother’s vagina??? He certainly seemed to be falling through a long long tube with a light at the end. Crazy stuff.

  3. kit mcguire

    I know you’re doing movies, but I know an American TV show that has a pretty absurd birth scene. It’s called Without a Trace. It’s a show starring FBI agents who search for people who have gone missing. One of the agents in the show gets pregnant .
    She has to stay in the office and work instead of going out to chase bad guys because she’s pregnant. All of a sudden she calls somebody over to her desk and tells them to sit there and answer the phone for her, she’ll be right back. Then you see her walking calmly up to the receptionist desk at a hospital and announcing that she is in labor. The nurse very happily leads her back to a room.
    Cut to some scenes of other agents doing agent stuff. Back to the office and the lead agent (who is the pregnant lady’s love interest but not the father) notices that she is not at her desk. He asks the guy sitting there where she is, and he says he doesn’t know, but he has been sitting there “about an hour.” The lead agent rushes immediately to the hospital – amazing how he knew exactly where she was going to be – and finds her in her room. Miraculously, not only has she given birth, but her newborn is all clean and dry and wrapped up in a blanket in a bassinet across the room. The mom is sitting up in bed with her hair and makeup done and reading the newspaper. All this after “about an hour!” Gotta love the American idea of birth (says an American woman).