19 responses to “Natural birthing of twins”

  1. deesalie

    Oh my! Welcome Max! What an amazing birth journey you’ve had.

    Waiting in anticipation for the second birth :)

  2. Hannah

    Ahhhh just great. Inspiring stuff, for birthing women and families and for midwives.

  3. Amie

    Wow! What an amazing story. I am a brand new Midwife fresh from training and I never never heard of anything like that. Twin births like this certainly do not exist in text books and lectures, and I certainly have not witnessed anything like that in the hospital (How sad is that!). What an amazing woman she is to have the gumption to stand up and say ‘No thanks, your intervention is not necessary thanks.’ Thanks for publishing this Lisa.

  4. Sheridan

    Noooo, I don’t love a cliffhanger!!! Can’t wait for the next installment!

  5. Rachael

    The wait is killing me! This is such a remarkable story. thankyou to the family and to Lisa for sharing : ) But please put me out of my misery, I want part 2!

  6. Angela Wicks

    this is an amazing birth story!… I am hanging out to hear the rest…HURRY UP..so cruel!! hehehe :)

  7. Keeley Ryalls

    Amazing story, amazing woman, amazing family. I’m honoured to have met you all. Big hugs to your beautiful children x

  8. Jules

    What an amazing story, thank you so much for sharing the first installment of your birthing journey.
    Welcome Maxamillion Hercules!
    I will be stalking Lisa’s blog now, awaiting the next part!

  9. Nicky

    Hey Lisa, Happy Birthday….did you get my email?..check it !
    Well this is pretty extreme!…what’s the ending..hope you’re not in jail!
    Get in touch….soon! Miss you! xxx
    P.S. Twins are the best!

  10. Gloria Lemay

    This story is such a contribution to the birth world. Everyone involved needs to get a giant gold star.
    Gloria Lemay, Vancouver BC Canada

  11. Tanya Malcolm

    what happened….???

  12. Belinda

    Amazing strong woman and family. this is exactly how birth is when we dont interfere with it and trust the process and our bodies.just as you said, your were ok and so were the babies! Love and admiration to you and your wonderful strong Midwife. Kia Kaha.

  13. Angela Wicks

    Still hanging out for the ending!!!

  14. Shayla

    Looking forward to the next part! Such a cliff hanger! :)

  15. Andrea Hart

    As the acupuncturist mentioned I was absolutely awed at what I experienced on walking into Hellena’s and Currawong’s that night. The knowingness (for want of a better description) that the second baby had different karma and wanted (needed) a different birthdate to his sibling was like nothing I have experienced before or since. I was immediately confronted with an argument in my own head of what I was feeling as opposed to what my training has led me to expect. Needless to say there is no room for ego in birthing! No riding in on a white horse and doing anything. I realised that my role was to provide some measure of pain relief and LEAVE! Lisa was brilliant and I knew that Hellena was in great hands. What amazing women!

  16. leah

    What a lovely reflection of the birth of Max, its like reading a cliff hanger……cant wait for Part 2!!

  17. Karen

    Congrats, to Hellena’s and Currawong’s newest arrivals, sounds like they are truly aware and present parents . . . . On a different note, just wanted to share that I openly, . . . freely, proudly wept, when I read the words:

    ‘ . . .and bless her heart, and to my total awe and respect forevermore, she said straight away that she’d rather go to jail than leave us during this birth, and that she was there for the ride.’

    Lisa, from this midwife, and on behalf of all midwife . . . what courage, compassion and wisdom you hold . . . .and what an amazing goddess you are my darling . . . . as always, I’m in total admiration!

  18. Honey

    When I saw the tweet about the twins born hours apart my first thought was the second babe wanted her destiny to be completely her own. Lovely story and I’m off to read the next part! :)


  19. Ellen

    This was an inspiring birth story. I’ve had five home births and each one was very special. Hellena and Currawong are really awesome parents and I hope the other twin has been born safely.