2 responses to “Private midwife, hospital birth”

  1. umatji

    I was sorry to not be able to make it to the opening. Sent a message with Rose and crafted a long and thoughtful text in my mind and then never sent it! Ha! I think it is such a top shelf idea and bound to succeed in so many different ways. I heard teh opening went well and am glad. Would love to see you some time but the world spins madly for us both for now I suspect.

  2. Beverley Walker

    Beverley Walker
    Why are we so surprised about the way our legislation turned out? Now according to one source (unconfirmed) the ACM MPR (a professional test paid for and undertaken by many ACM members who have been midwives for years) has not been accepted as a means to eligibility. So suck that and see to quote our erstwhile “health” Minister. While women in Ireland, Hungary and the USA are being shackled physically we certainly are being shackled metaphorically here in Australia not just by legislators, hospitals and obstetricians but some of our own midwives and women who accept this treatment without even raising a pen to paper to object.

    It is about time women stopped being so submissive and allowing this to happen to other women in Australia. Shame on our Prime Minister and Minister for ‘Health’ for not examining the intent of the recent pieces of sneaky legislation. The intent to prevent women the right to refuse consent to to undertake procedures, hospital run birth management, harmful to their bodily integrity and future health of their babies. In effect they are supposed to submit to be compromised by misogyny female and male, power, paternalism and malice aforethought.

    I am quite frankly ashamed that we (who are well educated) have not in a country like Australia been able to penetrate the ignorance of our politicians who are supposed to know the law. I wonder at those women who have failed to see the need for a unified push and instead taken the wimps way out via the line of least resistance and settled for less than women who give birth, deserve.

    Of course women tried but if three thousand turn up in Canberra and are ignored then something is terribly wrong in this nation. It is alleged that the AMA threatened the government with 7 million dollars worth of anti-midwife Medicare access advertising before the last election. Not only that it is on public record so far that the AMA contributed to the election campaigns of the ALP and Liberals. This in my opinion is either succumbing to blackmail or putting politics before the health and private womens business of women and midwives.