The Birth Place Opening night

We opened the Birth Place on Friday, We have a dedicated page under way (usual slow IT crowd) and we have even had our first walk in visiter.   Classes of Yog and EFT are set up and ready for visitors.  We even have a deal where if you by a card of 10 visits you can do yoga and/or EFT on your card.

Cake made by Suzanne

I have to thank all my friends for helping to make it happen and of course my ever suffering husband who worked so hard last week with very little whinging!!

On friday we worked so hard all day that we actually forgot the children until 5pm, so I really have to thank them too for parenting themselves so we can help the birth community.

3 responses to “The Birth Place Opening night”

  1. umatji

    do you need a manager? onsite steiner playgroup?

  2. umatji

    I think I’m offering. Maybe. How about a cup of tea one day!?