Midwifery Education101

As per Gloria’s Blog

Online Classes with Gloria Lemay on WizIQ

Private (except for Class 1) classes for birth workers

20 Classes of 60 min per session. Cost $140 (AUD) there will be a recording available if you miss a class.

Pay by Paypal in advance by using the donate button .

Once you have paid your fees, you will be sent the login code for the class. It is your responsibility to show up on time for the class, ready to focus and willing to do homework that is assigned. You log on but do not need to use a phone line. You will be able to type questions or you can use a microphone to ask questions. If using a microphone, you will need to use earphones and not your speakers because the sound will bounce back.

WizIQ is free to register. The WizIQ company only puts reminders on their website so you’ll have to find a keep track of your time commitment by scheduling it in your personal agenda.

THIS COURSE IS ESPECIALLY TIMED FOR AUSTRALIAN, EUROPEAN, AFRICAN AND ASIAN STUDENTS It is a fundraiser for a legal challenge that is going on in Australia.

Monday evenings (in Australia, New Zealand), Monday morning in Europe and Africa.
(in N. America the times are midnight on the west coast and 3 a.m on the East Coast)

See World Clock for the time in your area

Jan 24 Common Obstetric Problems
Jan 31 Female Pelvis-anatomy and physiology
Feb 7 Medical Terminology
Feb 14 Prenatal Clinic visit
Feb 21 Palpation, Blood pressure
Feb 28 Rh negative blood type
Mar 7 Fetal circulation
Mar 14 Pregnancy Induced Hypertension
Mar 21 Cervix—effacement, dilation
Mar 28 Confident nutrition counseling
Apr 4 Gestational diabetes prevention, screening
Apr 11 Anemia and blood work
Apr 18 Water birth
Apr 25 Genetics for midwives
May 2 Perineum, preventing tears
May 9 Newborn exam
May 16 Placenta ( third stage safety, cut and clamp cord, examining)
May 23 Twins and breech presentations
May 31 Teaching childbirth education
June 6 Assessing dilation by observation of the woman’s external signals.

It is fine for more than one student to be listening and taking the class at any computer for the price of one. Most classes will have a handout and/or homework assignment. The class will have a yahoogroup for sharing ideas midweek. Please let me know if you have any questions.
More info about using WizIQ on my blog, too.
You’ll need a high speed computer connection and Flash player 9.0 or above.
Taught by:
Gloria Lemay, Vancouver BC

14 responses to “Midwifery Education101”

  1. Honey

    Do you know if this will be offered again?

    I’m in the states and would be willing to get up at 3 to take this!


  2. Ariel

    Hi! I love your blog, and I really want to take this class. Where can I get more info on it? Is it open to all midwifery levels? I am a Doula, embarking on my journey to become a midwife, and would love to take a class that gave me foundation knowledge before I start an apprenticeship!

  3. Kait Whitworth

    Hi There
    What a fantastic opportunity! I’ve always really respected and admired Gloria Lemay.
    Is there a deadline you’d like us to register by?? I’m on my way to NZ from Canada right now to begin a Bachelor of Midwifery program..I’m not sure that I’ll have time to complete this course at the same time but I’d love to!
    Do you know roughly how many hours/week will be required for the homework assignments?
    Kaitlyn Whitworth

  4. Erin Cameron

    Hello beautiful!!! I’ve been thinking about that wicked legal business loads lately and wondering how to help??? And bam… here it is!!! I’ll most definitely spread the word. So so clever!!! Really hoping you and your family are safe, healthy and ?mostly happy!! Lots of love, Erin.

    1. Sophie

      Hi Erin, this is so random….. But are you the beautiful midwife who allowed me my first birth experience as a student midwife at a Vic south eastern hospital, nov 2010?

  5. Gloria Lemay

    Maybe you should edit the post to read “the donate button on this blog just to the right here”. That way, it’s clear that you donate here and take the course on WizIQ’s site.

    Women at all levels of study are taking the course currently. There is one running in N. America at a civilized time for that crowd. It’s not a lot of homework. There will be a special yahoogroup formed for this group and then I can send reading material, quizzes, and handouts. The students can use the yahoogroup to share ideas and resources, as well.

    I’m very excited about the possibilities of sharing midwifery information with lots of women in their own homes. Gloria

  6. Jacaranda

    Hooray! I just signed up! Thanks for sharing this info, I’m really looking forward to it :)

  7. Gloria Lemay

    Only seven more sleeps until we begin. thanks to all the women who have signed up so far (class of 20). Please get moving if you’ve been waiting to enroll because we have a few paperwork things to do to get you on the yahoogroup and make sure you are ready to use your (free) account on WizIQ.

    Gloria Lemay
    email me if you have ???

  8. Katie

    Oh I am so interested in this, is it too late to register Lisa?