18 responses to “Fantastic birth”

  1. Mayangel

    beautiful x

  2. Samantha

    That was absolutely beautiful :)

  3. Karen

    Some times words just don’t seem enough ! Beautiful . . . . .!

  4. Keeley

    Wow…..purely amazing!! So many stories in that one video. Beautiful.

  5. Allison Croft

    beautiful thank you for sharing. Tears rolling down my face right now xxx

  6. Kateisfun

    That was gorgeous. I love how hands-on the entire family was. What were the two songs in the film? I want to use those next time around.

  7. Kate F

    Wow! Just stunning. I love those couple of photos of your kids with their fingers stuck in their ears. Priceless!

  8. Kristi

    BEST PICS EVER!!! Love this sweet vid!

  9. Beck

    Gorgeous :)

  10. Andrea von Schoening

    That is SOoooo beautiful! I also want to know what the songs were .. especially the first one! It’s perfect for labour! I loved that the whole family was there to support the birth and welcome the new baby. You can feel the love in the room … sooooo wonderful!

  11. Masha

    Thanks so much for sharing. What are the songs. Magical. I love the Welcome to this World song, please share where it comes from.

  12. Mandy K

    I would love to know the name and artist of that last song!

  13. Tangerine Meg

    Beautiful :) Thanks for sharing <3

  14. Cheryl Dueck

    Hi Lisa,

    I just discovered your website recently and I am truly enjoying reading it. You can count at least one follower here in Calgary, Canada.

    I wanted to let you, and the other ladies who asked, know that the second song in the video is by Renee and Jeremy, from their “It’s a Big World” album. I think the first one might be too. This is one of my favorite albums to play for my baby daughter. You can get it on iTunes if you’re looking for it.

  15. suzanne

    how wonderful, im so jealous xo

  16. Tanya Malcolm

    in love with that birth in Fernie, BC Canada. I’m so happy for that family!
    xoxo lisa! see you in class on monday…

  17. Susan Courtney

    I was really enjoying these beautiful pictures when about halfway through, I realised that this is my midwife!

    What an amazing birth journey and very inspiring for my upcoming birth. Thank you for sharing :)