7 responses to “Lisa Barrett V Coroner of South Australia”

  1. Jodie Cole

    Hi there,

    We had planned to have a home birth for our daughter, she was 8 days late so we ended up in the hospital. We are having another baby and would consider a water birth in an Adelaide hospital. The other side don’t see how Women have a choice, have a voice, and birth their children the way they want to. Why blame someone? Unfortunately life is unpredicable. I am so much stronger as a women, I hold my ground to what I believe, no doctor will get me to sign a form not to sue, if anything goes wrong! Keep up your great work Lisa.

  2. Catina Adams

    The outcome of this court battle has implications for how we define life. Given the definition used by the coroner (electrical activity as a sign of life) most organ transplants could not proceed as they do now. I am surprised that the medical fraternity is not more concerned about this, instead allowing the debate to focus on home birth vs hospital birth.

  3. Hoops

    This is just like the Advertiser. The name says it all! They advertise whatever they like. My sister died 10 days after being born at home (nothing to do with the birth). The midwife was the most caring and thoughtful person and I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else there. In fact she was the one who noticed there was an irregularity with the placenta and sent it off for testing. Get off your high horse Advertiser you just make it up as you go along.

  4. Cassie

    You’d think that a country that claims to be a “Democracy” wouldn’t show the same characteristics as Tsar Russia. I keep saying to my husband after seeing a comment on a news site I totally agree with renaming us australistan its propaganda and it is extremely unfair!! I hope you gave them an ear bashing.

  5. Wren

    Lisa did you see that they have changed it on adelaide now – its all about J.Rau wanting to fight u in the High Court now. Advertiser is the biggest crock-o-crap newspaper in australia – reading age = 8years old crazy isnt it….

  6. Kristi

    at least they used a great pic of you, you look so pretty. Praying for you, enjoy your much deserved break!!

  7. Meg

    I’ll be popping over to Adelaide Now, Now for my 2 cents…It looks like the journalist deliberately chose an angle that makes the story sensational enough to get it to the front page. There’s no investigation in churnalism. sickening but not surprising.