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  1. Helen Murphy

    this is so inspiring…….I am diabetic and they told me that my son(who is now 5) will be more then 10lbs so i needed a c-section because my body would not be able to handle it, well, they did the surgery, but my son was 5 lbs and 7 oz and yes you read right………..I was so mad for trusting them, they had no idea how many pounds he will be, now i’m pregnant with my second and so desperately want to have a vbac but now i’m told i can’t because i’m high risk due to diabetes, even though………..all i take is metformin, vegetarian and super health nut………….i will have to have another c-section and this just saddens me immensely.

    1. Nikki

      I was told my daughter was 10lbs (because of my IGT…one step below GD). 5 days later she decided it was her time to come on out, vaginally, weighing in a 6lbs 6oz. I know ultrasounds have been off by a couple lbs before but almost 4 lbs? I was very glad she wasn’t that big since I went the unmedicated route. lol.

    2. Nikki

      Oh and in reference to them saying you can’t VBAC, I’d get a 2nd, 3rd, 4th opinion if you have to. Find a doctor who’ll support you attempting it.

  2. Jo Watson

    I almost went into labour seeing that newborn smiling photo. SO beautiful xxx

  3. Elena

    Amazing! Congratulations mum, and admirations for you, Lisa, for supporting women in their choices!

  4. lisa

    i wish there were more hands off midwifes in the US. that second shot was perfect!!!!!! good job Mama

  5. Elliecan

    me too, and i am not even pregnant anymore!

  6. Sheridan

    Much nicer than being greeted by a masked stranger. No wonder bubby is smiling!

  7. L

    James Harvey is a total dick. He claimed lotus birth would kill my baby, and refusing vit K would also kill my baby.

  8. Crystal

    Thanks Lisa! I am currently preparing for my HBA2C and the number of people who ask me “Why would your midwife take such a risk” I hear it anytime someone asks where I’m birthing!

  9. Sumayyah

    Awww. The baby looks so happy!

  10. Katie

    Well I wouldn’t want to meet James Harvey. He might tell me that I have been a very naughty girl who didn’t have a repeat ahem I mean “TOL at VBAC” in a hospital. Vbac rates in WA are less than 15% (according to WA perinatal stats of 2007). Of course HBAC rates are much higher, at least 90% (from what i was told by one of my midwives). I picked the better option (for me).

  11. Joe Kaiser

    We had both our kids at home. My wife and I were on the same page. We avoided the whole pitosin / episiotomy trap, we let the babies be born on their schedule, instead of being the prisoners of nursing shift changes and the Doctor’s Tee time, and we were surrounded by our wonderful midwives (Abby Kinne and Kelly Daniels – who we are still friends with 10 years since) and wonderful friends. I can’t imagine a better experience, and I have heard of so many bad hospital experiences. Keep doing what you are doing and know you are the future and they are quickly becoming the nightmare past. Don’t let those bastards grind you down. Joe Kaiser- Ohio, USA

  12. Diane

    Thank you ! We are planning a home birth this spring. Our daughter was born 1 year and 1/2 ago in a hospital via C- section due to unneeded medical protocol. This is so encouraging as we travel this new road . Blessings.

  13. Sarah Langrell

    @ Jo, that picture almost made me go get pregnant.

    I had an unnecessary section on my second daughter. With my third child I will do everything in my power to give him/her the best start via a vaginal birth. Unfortunately here in Ireland they are at the last stage of passing legislation to make it a criminal offence for a midwife to attend a vbac woman at home – therefore forcing women like me into unassisted births or trying to labour at home as long as possible and maybe birthing on the roadside on the way to the hospital.

    Can’t wait to read the full birth story but those pictures nearly speak more than words could – amazing.

  14. Dana

    Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for your courageous and unwavering fight for better birthing conditions and options. We are working to make sure women in Canada have the same choices that you are fighting for in Australia. Could I have permission to post the photo of the smiling baby on http://www.mothersofchange.com? I was very moved by it.


  15. Gloria Lemay

    The voice of sanity. Thanks, Lisa. Of course women are the ones to decide which way to go with their births. . . the woman lives with her choices for her whole life, there’s no “redo” button on the baby’s arrival and subsequent life.

  16. Nicki Pusey

    What fantastic pictures! I am a midwife who absolutely shares your philosophy that information is vital to help women make choices. They are adults with the ability to make the choice that is right for them, and guided by a knowledgable and confident midwife, most women who have had a CS would be capable of normal birth, in hospital and at home.

    I became a midwife because of my own experiences of CSx3, and my wish to experience birth as it should be.

    Your blog is fantastic. Thank you

  17. Jupiter

    What a sweet newborn smile! Beautiful.

    Our local hospital (the only one around for hours) went No VBAC and unfortunately finding a midwife to attend a HBAC was difficult so we unassisted birthed our last 2 at home (the last was born in the caul). All went well and I felt like both were my best birthing experiences overall but really, I would have at least liked the option and security of a midwife. I felt like I was having my choices taken away and not given a good enough reason for the revocation.

  18. Christina Maldo

    Do you have experience with women who have PCOS and are on the heavier side?

  19. Melanie

    Good reading. I totally agree that it should be completely each woman’s choice of where and how she gives birth. It is great to find someone so supportive of this. Although I’m not interested in home birth or vbac for myself and I have to be honest I can’t look at that first image cos it kind of freaks me out lol but I do fully support anyone who wants a vbac or homebirth.

  20. Kat

    Ah Lisa, you freaking rock!!! Such an inspiration, thanks for sticking to your guns and surging forward despite these ignorant fools. These pics are incredible, love the way that dark red blood surrounds the birthing baby like a halo, and then the way baby is so alert and happy, oh it all just makes me cry with joy! Can’t wait to bring my first baby into the world at home later this year…

  21. Shane Marsh

    The baby has red hair, too; quite rare these days. Is that another risk factor debunked?

  22. Shannon

    I am having my fifth birth probably in March. Four c-sections and I am tired of having no choice in the matter, so I decided to go for a VBAC this time. I don’t understand why so many people seem to think the doctors should have all the control and mothers should have very little to say about their own births. Thanks for being and advocate for those of us that have to fight to have our own right… even within the midwife community.

  23. Meg

    That is so beautiful. That smile made me melt : )

  24. sally amazon

    Pregnant with my 4th child and planning a 3rd homebirth, I popped into book in at hospital just to get a haemoglobin test done and I encountered James Harvey who took it upon himself to inform me that – assuming, though unlikely, it survived a homebirth – my child would get together with my mother(!!!!???) and sue me in the future! I casually mentioned that perhaps it was time for women to start sueing him for unneccessary ceasareans, at which point he spat that that would never happen due to such a thing as ‘informed consent’. He then tried to force me to have multiple blood tests for Downs etc. I questioned him about his interpretation of ‘informed consent’ based on this use of force. Thankfully he walked out the room and refused to have anything more to do with me. Thank goddess for midwives devoid of power trips and paternalism and with absolute belief in women. Often thinking of you Lisa xxx

    1. Danielle

      Has anyone reported this doctor for abuse??? He sounds like an absolute loon! I think he needs to speak to a lawyer about the definition of “informed consent”… it does not mean “I told you, so you consent”. What a ………… (I refuse to use offensive language on someone else’s blog!)

  25. jan ireland

    i guess ob JH is ruled by the womb vagina and oxytocin which he envies so lol jan

  26. Cindy Renate

    Amazing pics Lisa! How wonderful that this woman was supported to have the birth that she and her babe deserved. You are an inspiration xx

  27. Jayde

    OMG! What an amazing picture, capturing all the love in the room – and that amazing happiness all over babies face. WOW! I love seeing these things – brings happy tears xoxo

  28. Cassie

    “as long as she is fully aware of everything she deserves someone to be with her and an advocate.” I totally agree with this Lisa I’m soo glad and relieved we have someone like you here in Adelaide who is of these beliefs. As others have said very inspiring :-)

  29. kel

    that smile. keep on truckin lisa. xxx

  30. Lizz Riley

    What gorgeous photos. I would love a HBAC but after listening to stupid medical advice with my 2nd child I had an induction on an unready body. Needless to say it ended in my 2nd section.

    3rd time round I’m not listening to anyone if they don’t support HBACs.

  31. Allison Croft

    Truly beautiful! Can’t wait to read her story

  32. shannon

    OMG look at the look on that sweet new borns face. that is amazing :)

  33. Rachel

    After two cs’s (both babies were 7lb 20z) I was told my pelvis was ‘too small to give birth naturally’, I gave birth to my 9lb 6oz baby girl at home. Here’s my birth story http://www.homebirth.org.uk/rachelwhite.htm

  34. Holly

    I just had our 6th baby this past March who was an VBA2C at home! And it was after a T incision. Being that mys sister is a maternity nurse, you can imagine the flack I got from all her doctor friends. They were pretty much planning my funeral arrangements. They kinda got a slap in the face when I succeeded lol. The risks for me were totally worth it. Sad that the doctors don’t even know the real risks and how minimal they are.

  35. Expatmamma

    These are beautiful photos – thanks for posting them. I just vbaced in an English hospital with drs freaking out because we refused continual monitoring – apparently being able to move a foot and a half away from the bed with the wires attached is their idea of ‘active lanour’. However my definition was pretty different!

  36. Jennifer Shields

    I have been planning a HBA2C since I had my second c-section. I am 7 months pregnant and I got dropped by my midwives last Tuesday. I had been with them since I was 3 mths pregnant. I have been scrambling to find someone else to support me in my birth decision. I’m waiting to here back from a couple of people. It’s hard to find a midwife here in central MO, USA. The one’s who dropped me are pretty much the only ones that get recommended. I’ve had to dig to find a few others. I’m optimistic that one of them will be willing to attend my birth and help me in achieving a HBA2C. The practice that dropped me took this long to figure out that they were too nervous having me as a client. They just couldn’t accept the “risk” of someone who’d had 2 c-sections. I only wish they’d figured this out before they took me on as a client. Oh well. I will not stop fighting for what my baby and I deserve.

    1. Linda

      where do you live in central MO?

      1. Jennifer Shields

        It’s really late for my response, but I live in Columbia, MO
        My midwife is out of Sedalia, MO.

  37. Bettie

    That baby’s face says it all. Triumph!


    L (or anyone)
    Just curious what your pic is of?


    the person who wrote as “L” ….. I cant figure out what their avatar pic is.. Its drivin me crazy lol


    I promise Im not SPAM lol Its just the person who wrote under the name of ‘L’ Their avatar pic? I dont know what the pic is.. And its puzzling me.. lol I know its silly
    I do love this site btw I am learning so much.. Im in Canada and I think what you are doing is awesome!!

  41. LadyG

    I had 2 HBs– the second one my baby was 10lbs 4oz and 24in & labor was 40 min total. People are constantly amazed that I didn’t have a c/s. I was told that I couldn’t have bigger than a 8lb baby with my first — both were bigger than that and short labors. Apparently the usual way in hospital to deal with precipitous labor h(x) is to induce. What a crock!


    I promise I wont message again.. Maybe her pic is something obvious and I just cant see it?… Im not being sarcastic or anything.. I thought it looked like a belly button (but why the red?) but wasnt sure So my question is 100% honest.. I really dont know what it is.. Anyhow Im loving your site.. Sorry if my question is weird or dumb I was just honestly asking what it is (whoever responded as L… Her Avatar pic)
    Take Care!

  43. Bronwyn

    God forgive me for my words…but I hope James Harvey gets squished flat by a bus!

  44. The WellRounded Mama

    I’m also a VBA2C mom, twice over in fact, and my second one was at home. Thank you for being willing to attend us! Keep spreading the word.

    It floors me how much opposition VBA2C gets still, when recent research is very supportive of a TOL after 2 prior cesareans, esp with spontaneous labor. The problem is that many doctors have a vastly disorted perception of the risks of rupture with VBA2C, and they underestimate the risks associated with repeat cesareans (Doret 2010). I discuss specifics here:


    Even ACOG had to revise its own guidelines and now admits VBA2C is a reasonable option, as does the SOGC. I wrote about the revisal of the ACOG guidelines and the research around VBA2C here:


    For those interested, I have a collection of VBAMC (VBAC after multiple cesarean) stories on my website, including VBA2C, VBA3C, VBA4C, and VBA7C.


    Higher-order VBACs are still a reasonable choice in the majority of women, especially when you look at the rate of complications that start piling up with multiple repeat cesareans (Silver 2006). We need to actively push for more access to VBAMC in hospitals and at home.

  45. Katie

    Oh I am desperately wanting a HBAC with my 2nd child, my husband just wont come around to the idea. I hate that the medicalisation of childbirth and it’s whole paradigm has infected it’s way into society and now there is a culture of fear which is completely unfounded.

  46. Elizabeth Regan

    Nancy, I thought it was a belly button too! Too funny! :)

    Lisa, I abosolutely love reading your blog. I am an HBA2C mama in KY, USA and I am a very fresh student midwife. Thank you for all you do for birthing women, not only in Australia in your practice, but around the globe with your blog. You rock! :)

  47. Tracy

    I am wondering, I am looking at a HBA2C. My previous 2 were breech, if this bub was breech would it be possible to HBA2C a breech baby, have you done this before? I am trying to find cases where it has happened.


  48. leesa

    I’m 31 wks pregnant and initially had a supportive OB for my VBA2C. As time progressed, at each appointment the negative comments started spewing from his mouth as he realised that I was serious and want to really do this! I’ve been told if I don’t go straight to the hospital at the first contraction I could have a ‘dead baby on my hands’ (exact words) and at least once at each appointment I get the ‘it depends on the OB on the day, they could over rule me and not allow you to have a TOL’….Um, it’s my body, isn’t it. I’ve got a brilliant doula (HH) on board and student midi / doula….I’m not sure how etched the scare tactics are now in my head (or my hubby’s) re attempting HB….You truly inspire me Lisa :-)

  49. Laurie Brant

    Hi Lisa,
    Do I have permission to use the photo of the baby smiling to promote VBAC and to have on my iPad?? This is a very unique photo!
    You are doing amazing work and are inspiring to many of us who haven’t stepped out as much as is necessary in order to provide real choices for women.

  50. Amanda

    Lisa, you are an inspiration to me. Hubby & I have 7 children, 5 normal deliveries, 1 c-section (impatient Ob, private hospital) and our last little man, (4 months) was a VBAC in a public hospital. I read your website front to back, spoke to a couple of homebirth middies locally, and got as much info as possible. What was to be a VBAC at a local hospital (who doesn’t accept VBAC’s) ended up being an induction at 40w4d 4 1/2 hours from home. We were told we wouldn’t be admitted at local hospital and roads were going out, so chose to go to Regional hospital. Fantastic mob of middies & a great female Ob, who told me what she had to, but allowed what I needed, including getting in the shower with no FHM. Ended up with an epidural (so never want to go back there), and a bub with stuck shoulders, but all in all a positive outcome. Not as planned, but still vaginal, and still home the next day!! Not bad considering, what the local Ob told me was “asking for a mentally challenged” baby, and the constant harrassment from medical staff, I am a fat chick, 140kg, who is a grand multi, one previous mild PPH, a LSCS and a whole lotta attitude. However, the power play is not only the Obs, I wrote to our local member & QLD Health, about not being “ALLOWED” to birth locally, and the QLD Health minister, Lucas, ensured that from when I wrote the letter the end of March, (about 10 weeks pregnant), that I didn’t get a response from the weazel until the first week in September (38 weeks pregnant)… including some drivel about “risk factors, facilities for patience such as youself, Obstetric risk factors, REQUIRE C-SECTION???”, yep, the shit head IMPLIED I would not be birthing vaginally… I pushed 5 out, arrgghhh…. keep going Lisa, what you do gives women like me the guts to keep going!!!

  51. Danely

    I gave birth my daughter in May 2007 by c-section. My blood-presure was just a little abnormal in my last pregnancy week. My due date was for May 13 and my doctor told me: “if your baby haven’t born by May 16 I will induce your labor with pitocin.” That was exactly what he did. I was nervous, unsure, and VERY scared of a c-section. I was hospitalized on Monday May 14, and on Wednesday at 5 am, the nurses prepared and put me an AV. At 9 am the doctor came and broke my water, and the contractions started right after that. I was progressing and decided to take the epidural to alliviate the pain(nobody told me the side-effects this could bring.) I was progressing and the nurse was cheering me all the time. By 8pm I had reached 8cm, but unfortunately my dilatation stopped. So after more than 2 hours, at 10:30, the doctor proceed with a c-section because the baby had meconium and he was afraid of “meconium aspiration”.

    C-section is a very painful and lazy recuperation process. I was told that I could not give birth naturally after the first c-section, and took that for granted. Now I see this amazing blog with very helpful informations, and made me think in having another baby with a midwife. Thanks to Lisa for posting videos, pics, and also for commenting on people’s posts. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

    I would like to know what lisa thinks about the Birth Centers? Is it like having a home birth or is it more like giving birth at the hospital?

    God Bless you and your beautiful labor,


  52. Skye

    I was 20 when I had my first daughter via what was classed an emergency c/s (that took over 2 hours before i was even in the room) for failure to dialate past 8cm – bascially time was up on my induction they needed the room, thats how I still feel it to be 5.5 years on.

    2007 My second daughter was due to be born, now living in another state there was NO way i was going to have another c/s. Id been reading everything I could and this time there was a new complication, my heart suddenly started acting up. But i pushed forward and had my daughter via vbac – to this day with every doctor doubting me the first words i uttered once she cried was I DID IT!!

    2009 saw the birth of my son. He was a surprise after a dating scan at 16 weeks. I was due to have heart surgery but being so far along this wasnt to be. I listened to the doctors concerns about my heart needing more medication – possibility of my baby not coping etc. But 19 months after my daughter was born another VBAC no stiches. I came extreamly close to having a c/s i was in the operating room for the last 20 minutes with uncontrollably shakes. Metal trays all around me, great big lights over the top of me, I couldnt feel if i needed to push or not as i already had a spinal in, i pushed anyway and out came my tiny 6lb 10oz son smallest of all 3 but at ultrasound they measured him to be almost 9lbs Just the belief you can do it, even when everyone else arounds you doubts you can – is all you need.

  53. Jennifer Shields

    I just wanted to post an update to my previous post on January 20. I did find a midwife to attend my HBA2C. Yeah! I searched high and low and found a student midwife who sat for her boards in February. She’s had 3 VBAC’s and 1 VBA2C. She’s a little over an hour away. I am so excited to have someone who is so supportive of how I want to birth. She is hands off and obviously supportive of VBAC. I now believe she is who was meant to be my midwife. The other midwives dropping me was a blessing in disguise because they would’ve imposed a lot of restrictions and interventions on me that she won’t. They weren’t ever supportive in the first place evidenced by them dropping me. Anyway, Things are going well and even if something else tries to get in my way I’ll still fight for what I want.

  54. Alison Reid

    To Helen…Be of good cheer – VBAC even after 2, 3 or 4 C/S is really no big deal. I’ve done it (after 2 then 3 C/S) and I personally know women who have had 4. I don’t remember where I read this but some wise midwife said: Why do we not trust the uterus to its job after being cut, the same way we assume that a broken leg will run again and other surgically affected body parts work too! It’s pretty hard to find Drs to support it but if you can’t find someone to look after you at home, go ahead and go public. Have a doula or student midwife who can help advocate for you and stick to your guns. Believe me, if there’s going to be a rupture it usually gives plenty of warning. You have a very good chance if you stay home as long as possible and simply refuse the things you really don’t want. Good luck!

  55. Alison Reid

    Sorry, Helen, I just realised that in fact you have had just one C/S and 5 years ago – this is great! Don’t worry about size. A loving midwife’s hands usually know your baby’s size better than any scan. I can also tell you that I had Caesars with an 8 lb, 81/2 lb and 9lb 9oz baby but then a quick easy birth of yet another 9lb 9oz. The difference was (a) her position was better (see Optimal Fetal Positioning) and (b) I finally realised that nobody was going to do this birth except me. I took full responsibility and lost my fear (it helped that the Dr had abused me at the hospital and made me understand that nobody cared about my child more than I did). See http://www.drbrewerspregnancydiet.com for good GDM information.

  56. natalie kane

    I am an Australian living in NZ and we have a midwife based birthing system here. recently I found out I was pregnant with my second child and started to call homebirth midwives. after much frustration, a few tears and approx 16 refusals I am starting to think I will have no midwife to help me labour. With my first baby I was induced mostly due to fear surrounding the fact I had broken my leg. I had a c section due to cascading interventions and I ended up having a massive hemorhage requiring a complete transfusion. Right now I feel tainted and have found myself trying to reason with midwives who are unwilling to support my descision to have my baby at home. phrases such as “trial of labour” are being used which frankly scare me. The thought of going back to a hospital to birth gives me knots of anxiety. At this stage It appears I will be labouring without assistance as the only midwives willing to help are either away (at my due date) or fully booked. most have said no. it is still early in my pregnacy so I still have time to find someone but it is looking pretty unlikely. A friend of mine is also on the case using all the birthing networks she knows. I could realy use some solid advice cause ill be damed if i let doctors mess with my birth again.

  57. Martha

    I am 4 days away from the due date of my 3rd child! And I have a great midwife that is going to assist me at home. :) I had a c-section with my first because of failure to progress (even though I felt the urge to push and was dilated to 91/2 on one side and 10 on the other.) I was also told that the baby’s heart rate had dropped too many times and stayed down too long. I think that the doctor just wanted to “get it over with” so she could go home and go to bed. My labor had been induced when I was 9 days overdue. I had an epidural but it helped little with the pain. I wasn’t surprised because I knew that anesthesia doesn’t work well for me. When it was time for the c-section I was so worried that I would feel them cutting etc. but was told that wouldn’t happen. I kept telling them that pain killer has little effect on me but they wouldn’t listen. When I started crying when they started cutting, they stopped and gave me more pain killer. Then started cutting again. When I again cried in pain I was told “we can’t stop now to give you any more. Your baby will be out soon and then we’ll give you more”. The anesthesiologist just stood there wiping my tears and saying “This isn’t normal”. As soon as the baby was born I got a small glimpse of him before they whisked him to another room and asked my husband if he was coming along. He said “No! I’m staying with my wife”. The room got quiet and he was told that they preferred for him to go with the baby. I had been given more anesthetic and was falling asleep so I told him it was ok to go. Now 5 years later when I asked to see the results from that birth I found out that my uterus collapsed and wasn’t contracting. I was hemorrhaging and pitocin wouldn’t stop it. The bleeding stopped after they packed me. Now I know why they wanted my husband out of there.

    With my second baby I was too afraid chancing getting that close to having a baby naturally and then being told I had to have a c-section so I chose to have a planned c-section. I was given a spinal block and I didn’t feel the pain this time.

    I have received a lot of “negative” that I am taking an unnecessary risk to have my baby at home. A lot of people think I have lost my mind. We live 20 miles from the nearest hospital and that is a small hospital that doesn’t even allow VBACs. The closest large hospital is an hour away. I do have the option of going to a motel that is near the hospital but I want to have my baby at HOME!!

    Thanks for all the encouraging words I have found in reading this blog!! I need to hear “positive” not “negative” words!!

  58. natalie kane

    Just thought I would let you know that I found a midwife to help. She is an older woman with lots of experience and a preference for home births. my past experience is being taken into account but is not the be and end all.
    Your story is making its way around NZ at the moment, everyone I know Is pulling for you lisa. xxxxx

  59. Kazzi

    I was completely okay with my first c/s. She was born at 26 wks and I chose to c/s over induction. For my attempted VBAC, I realised that as much as I thought I read and educated myself, I really didn’t even scrape the surface with what I should have known. Not that it should be all on the mother, but I realised that we can’t trust the medical profession, or even hospital based midwives, as they can’t go against the Dr. My Dr first broke my waters and then immediately wanted to start oxytocin (They wanted me induced as my bp was going up, like with my daughter) I refused the oxytocin as this I had educated my self on, and this Dr bullied me. I was in tears trying, and my husband was recording away, so the Dr gave up. After 7 hours of labour the midwife said the Dr wanted me on an epidural as my bp was going up. Six hours later I was fully dilated, but the Dr came in (woke me at 4am) and said I was not progressing enough for their liking, did a quick mini u/s to show that he was face up (he was, I felt him turn while I was in hospital on my back) and Dr said that I couldn’t deliver him myself and would now need a c/s, good try.
    I had been asleep (due to epi) and was alone, as my hubby had gone for some sleep, and I thought I had no option now, so went with the Dr. I had not even been told at this time I was fully dilated, the Dr hadn’t checked, so I guess that they found out when inserting the catheter or sometime then, as it was in my labor notes I found out afterwards. If I had a Dr that informed me, instead of using lies and fear, I would have decided to go off the epi (it was constantly fed) and try standing to help him down, and would have at least tried vontuse or something to turn him. I was never given these options, and even though I knew women can birth posterior babies, I did not research this enough to have confidence to still refuse c/s. I have since realised also, that in the very rare event of a Uterine Rupture, this Dr and hospital was very ill-equipped, even though they offered a Trial of Labor. This time I am reading everything I can and writing down every question I think of. I cannot urge women enough, even if it is their first baby and all is looking good, to arm yourself with knowledge and questions about birth. Don’t just leave it to those who are suppose to look after you, because for the majority of health care providers, they are looking after themselves first.