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  1. Lisa

    What an awesome story! I actually knew that it was quite common in the past for twins to be born days or even weeks apart. With so many cesareans for twins these days, it’s not a surprise people expect minutes between twins instead of days.

    Did I miss it or are the weights of the babies not mentioned? I’m always curious about how much full term twins weight.

  2. Kristi

    FINALLY!! I have been waiting for the rest of this story. How powerful. Lisa, I would love to hear your personal thoughts on this amazing birth. Where did you get your statistics for waiting? What is your take on the one placenta, yet two sacs?
    Great job everyone. What sweet little faces. What an amazing story to share with these boys as they get older, and what a way to end a birthing carreer! Blessings-Kristi

  3. Sheridan

    I have been waiting for this! Thank you so much.

  4. Kelly

    FABULOUS! Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  5. paule bezaire

    wonderful story ~ thanks for sharing. i was going to mention that i’m a twin, and there was also only one placenta, and one membrane between us, so we each had a sac… i might have to study more to figure out this one… BLESSINGS

  6. Amy Jones

    Blessings to you – a story of strength and hope, what every woman needs to hear and experience for herself.

  7. Dani arnold

    WOw- I’m all choked up and so elated to read this tremendous birth story!! Thank you so much for posting it!!!

  8. Dani arnold

    I have to ask though: was Gloria one of the midwives you talked with about twin births?

  9. Watermelon Gypsy

    I have been waiting for the 2nd part of your birth story – your amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing this part of your life with us. My twin boys had 1 huge plaenta & two sacs as well – they are identical. Being a mama to twins is such a neat thing.

  10. Karinda

    Beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  11. kimberlee

    what a truly wonderful, inspiring, blissful and love-filled story.
    thank you for sharing this.

  12. heidi

    wow what an awesome story, thanks so much for sharing

  13. Kimberly

    Amazing…just purely amazing. I’m so grateful for you that you had the support that you had at home and didn’t have to go to the hospital. It is especially inspiring to me as with my next child, I am planning to attempt a home birth in the military community, which, doesn’t happen very often. Congrats on your successful twin homebirth and VBAC!

  14. Carina

    Fantastic story. I have been involved in a premature birth where the woman went into spontaneous labour with 26 week twins. By the time she arrived at the hospital she was close to fully dilated so it was not possible to delay the birth. The first twin was born, everyone waited for the second but contractions stopped and the cervix closed tight. The second twin was born 23 days later at 29+2 days when the woman again went into labour.

  15. Sarah Langrell

    I have also been impatiently waiting for the second half of this story – thanks so much for posting and sharing it – amazing.

  16. Kerri

    I have been patiently (okay not patiently at all!) for the rest of your birth story. It was amazing and well worth the wait. My twins (all natural birth, but hospital as the mid-wives were not “allowed” to do twin or breech births & I had both) also shared one massive placenta. I have a lovely print of it hanging to my left at this moment! They too were quite different in weights. Twin A was almost 6 lbs and born head first. Twin B was born a double footling breech at almost 8 lbs. Turns out they had Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome, but did very well and we all went home within hours after the birth. Twin A had aobut 1/3 of the plancenta and the other had 2/3. Not only that but there was “a communication between the blood vessels. These amazing girls not only shared, but swapped each other’s blood back & forth during gestation. It really is all so amazing isn’t it! My little ones are now 10 years old!

    Kerri (mom to A:20, E:18, M:16, J:14 (born at home in less than 2 hrs), C & S (identical twins, TTTS, 10), T: 7 (born at home with all his siblings watching & my biggest at 9lbs, 2 oz). Also fostering M:10, S: 8, G & T ( 4, fraternal twin boys)

  17. Clare


  18. Rosie

    I read the first part on the mama’s blog…but lost that link. Can you share it with us? This birth story hit me as quite beautiful, loving, perfect, devine, and 1,000 other GOOD words!!! Especially since, as a doula, I just attended a twin birth in hospital where mama was sure she could have both vaginally. Everything was set, dad arrived from deployment overseas, babies were full term, head down and mom was an expereinced VBAC mom, having a VBAC quick and lovely 18 months before.

    All was well, first baby was born vaginally and then the docs got anxious, nervous…second baby was taking too long….was too high….

    Mom was put out by general anesthia and second baby was taken by cesarean. First baby weighed 6 lbs 11 oz. and second baby weighed 8 lbs 14 oz. I am sure second baby wanted to take her sweet time and since she was two plus pounds larger, I am sure she needed more time to come down. The western medical way of birth is lacking in patience and all the technology in the planet and beyond cannot make birth work better than God designed. Your families are blessed to have your help.

  19. Barry

    Was led to your blog by a friend sharing the link. What an incredible adventure, and so inspiring and thought-provoking – thank you for sharing!


  20. Allison Croft

    Thank you for sharing your tremendous birth experience. You have a beautiful way with words, it was such a pleasure to read and u sure tugged on my emotions.
    I had birthed my baby boy on the 13th of August (wonderful Homebirth also) and knew of you and your family only through Lisa as she shared your experience with me as I recovered and bonded with my first baby. I also shared your story with the people in my life. I felt very connected to you since we both were in the realm of birth at the same time.
    Now I have read the whole story and want to congratulate you for the faith you had. Faith is so under-rated, and completely missing from the hospital community.
    Faith can move mountains.. and gently birth babies.
    Teamed with Lisa was a tremendous force of power, knowledge, experience, skill and trust. Now I want to tell my story to share with you, you’ve inspired me to write it, thank you.

  21. Allison

    What a wonderful story Lisa! Keep on fighting to do your marvellous work. x

  22. Hellena Post

    Watermelon gypsy it’s so nice to hear a positive comment from a mama of twins! Most people just tell me I’m a glutton for punishment, make some negative comment, or express sympathy, even though I don’t want that! And Kimberley, go the homebirth! I’ve been coming across lots of blogs lately about military wife homebirthers….. Great story Carina, and Kerri, what a ride you had!! Never heard of twin to twin transfusion syndrome before…. Rosie, that’s exactly the reason why I avoided hospital, and am still SO glad we all got to stay at home, and Allison Croft, what a beautiful comment! If ever you feel like visiting, you’d be more than welcome, and when you do write your story, please let me know!!! And everyone else, thank you so much for being interested and getting into my story!! Mind you, the birthing bit was just the beginning…….. And like Lisa said, my blog address is http://spunoutpost.blogspot.com so come and have a look! Got more birth stories to come too……and the REALISATIONS that so many births can bring:)

  23. Laura Rimoncelli

    Wow! What a journey! What a belief! What a women! What a Midwife! Well done… awesome read. x

  24. Trin

    Great birth story! I love the journey that you took us on, and the way you demonstrated how important your state of mind is on the progress of labour.

    I would have loved to have my twin boys at home, but the logistics were really difficult…vbac, geriatric grand multipara (boys were no# 7 & 8 and I was 35), and the state I live in frowns upon it (bleurgh). I ended up with a full term (39 weeks 6 days) spontaneous vaginal delivery in hospital and it was really good so I’m not too upset…I got my way in the end. If I ever fall pregnant again though (touch wood lol) I’ve told my partner that we’re moving to South Australia for the entire pregnancy and birth, just so I can do it the way I feel is natural.

  25. Kara Dudley

    What an amazing birth story! Thank you for sharing!

  26. Kara Dudley

    Hi, Kimberly! While military mamas don’t usually birth outside of a hospital setting, there are some of us out there! :) My husband is in the Army and my son was born at a freestanding birth center with a direct entry midwife. Next time around, I’ll have the midwife come to me and birth at home! Best of luck!

  27. Beverley Walker

    Wow what a story – thanks for reminding me of the times when even in hospitals we waited just as we waited for a breech to be born

    Speed is the new mantra – rush to birth no time to celebrate rush to burial no time as in walking with the hearse and burying in the ground to grieve. Push buttons use machinery all gone in a puff of smoke.

    I recall one baby born of twins in one State and travelled to another State and had the next one. Not sure whether that was because they flew mother and babe to another hospital memory wont come back – may be it was a newspaper story.

  28. Kate Cornfoot

    What an incredible, triumphant, moving birth story. I particularly related to the experience of fear getting in the way of birthing, and once that fear was cleared through, the ability to carry on and DO THIS! was found. What an amazing birthing woman you are, and what a special, beautiful midwife you are, Lisa, for your dedication and devotion. Gorgeous.

  29. Lucy birch

    Lovely twin birth story:) I so love to read about other womens birth stories.
    I had my girls (back in 2007, they were my 4th+5th babies) here in the uk, with 3 midwives (apparently the obstetricians were on standy, but were aware of my plans for a homebirth, much to their disagreement.) at home. I had them both in water, first did a superman impression and came fist first in the birthing pool, then my other daughter followed just under a hour later, also in the birthing pool, but she was breech, i had a simialr experiece as you though as she popped out like a champage cork, no gentle birthing with her, my body just expelled her with a few explosive contractions. Obviously there will be times when hospital births should happen, but as so many women have proven this need not be the norm. Congratulations on your beautiful family. Hopefully your story will inspire other mums to belive in their bodies and birth happily, and naturally.

  30. Honey

    Oh my! I thought girl! No wonder he wanted his own destiny. The world lumps 2 individuals into one box when they’re twins…he made certain to share with one and all they are TWO. Two boys, two names, two birthdates, two destinies. Congratulations on the birth of your sons.

    Blessed Be!!!

    (******Any chance you’ve pictures of that lovely placenta? We lotus birthed with our 3rd and I encapsulate placentas so I enjoy the placenta nearly as much as the babes! :) I think this is the only place I can say that! ;) )

  31. Heidi P

    Thank you for the lovely story. While I did not birth at home, I did have the support of a fantastic midwife and a hospital that supports them (they even do water birth). Those last bits of labor are so inward but your descriptions are so telling. I had a single birth but my placenta had an extra lobe. Im happy to see I’m not the only one who was interested it what it looked like. Blessings to you and your family.

  32. marla

    Hi I love your home birth story….I wantid have a homebirth with my 6th child but he just did not want to come out at home he was born happy and healthy at the the hospitail tho.my midwife stayed with through the hole thing..maybe next baby I can. Have at home!

  33. marie

    wow, beautiful story! thankyou.