11 responses to “A Homebirth Love Story”

  1. Rose

    what a beautifully written story! 2 familys merging with the birth of a beautiful baby boy- perfect……

  2. suzanne

    lovely, just how birth should be

  3. Sheridan

    I love that moment when the midwife arrives and it suddenly feels believable that you are having a baby even though you know you are in labour.

    What a beautiful story and a beautiful little family you have created.

  4. Michelle Fulcher


  5. Namaaraalee

    Wow, what a what a beautiful story, and wonderfully written, it brought many tears.

  6. Allison Croft

    precious and perfect. Thank you for sharing xx

  7. Janet

    Well ain’t that just darling? Gorgeous! Congratulations to all of you! : )

  8. Kemi Johnson

    I feel such joy reading this and the music you’ve shared made me smile and cry all at the same time. I love life. I love love. May blessings continue to rain on you and your family…..and again, Lisa….you are a gift to me and an inspiration. x x x

  9. Gwennie


  10. Megan Gardiner

    Great story, thanks for sharing.Loved the music!

  11. Parent Plant

    When I see these stories I get this feeling that makes me wonder how bad hospital births are when they aren’t at all neccessary. More and more woman are giving birth at home as statistics show and that is such a blessing to see. Home birth gives you that emotional attachment with your new born child that should be met in hospitals, but unfortunetley is almost impossible to feel that cocktail of emotions towards an epic moment in a womans life when giving birth under such a fast paced industry of the hospitals that want to get you in and out of there.