8 responses to “Absurd Birth Scenes – The Back-up Plan”

  1. Allison

    Laugh out loud funny! Tears were rolling down my cheeks and I’ve been needing a good cheer up : )

  2. Bettie

    This made me laugh the first time I saw it, didn’t fail me again this time! I loved the woman nursing a preschooler in the corner. All stereotypes are present! Another nice touch was that getting into the water was made into a sort of rite of passage…”its time, she’s getting into the water”.

    Too bad they didn’t have a midwife with dreads Lisa! lol Must not have caught any of your videos when they were doing their research.

  3. Joy

    It is funny… but it is also such a mockery of home birth and natural birthers. For those who are already into natural birth or home birth it is VERY funny but I hate to think others will be turned off, especially when J-Lo’s character says how terrifying it was. :-(

    I watched The Blue Lagoon recently; now that has a good birth scene! We don’t see much and it’s pretty short but she’s laboring while sitting and then all of a sudden she rocks forward into a squatting position to birth the baby; beautiful!!!

  4. Susan Peterson

    The woman nursing a preschooler just seemed real and normal to me. But all those people making fake Indian (aka Native American) noises were ridiculous. As I suppose they were meant to be.
    It looks as if that baby was born without an umbilical cord!

    However I have seen people whose reaction to normal birth was a bit like that guy’s. When my daughter had her first baby at 16 she invited her current boyfriend-not the father-to her hospital birth. It was a fairly normal birth, unmedicated, no IV or interventions other than intermittent EFM, like a few minutes an hour with her sitting in a rocker. The doctor stood behind me while I caught the baby. My daughter, who had seen me give birth several times, was perfectly calm, and not noisy. She didn’t tear, and it wasn’t bloody. However, when the head crowned, the nurse urged the boyfriend to take a look. (She assumed of course, that he was the father. ) He took one look and keeled straight over, knocking down an (not in use) IV stand. The nurse made sure he was OK and left him there, shrugging and saying “Oh well, that happens sometimes.” This guy is now one of my daughter’s FB friends and tries to project a really tough persona. And I keep thinking of him just keeling straight over like a falling tree.

    When this same daughter had her fourth, the father invited his stepfather, half brother, and the half brother’s girlfriend. The step father was an EMT but really knew little about birth. The half brother was totally clueless. When he came to the door of the room and saw that my daughter had no clothes on, he jumped back and put his hand over his face, before he realized that apparently everybody was cool with this. We were all (including my youngest daughter and my daughter’s oldest daughter, aged 10 and 8) in a bedroom about as small as a hospital labor room, but my daughter was oblivious to it all., involved in her labor. The only thing I remember her saying is “It doesn’t hurt enough yet.”
    Baby was born about half an hour after that, big boy and a bit of sticky shoulders, but then came spiraling out and cried very soon. But the faces of the father and half brother were a lot like that guy. The home birth was the father’s idea, but he hadn’t bothered to find out anything, to read about birth, look at pictures or videos. And the half brother was just dragged into it like the guy in the movie. I never found out how he felt about it afterwards, but he was pretty wide eyed.

    Despite myself, I did laugh at this movie clip. Even though I am humor challenged.

    Susan Peterson

  5. Susan Peterson

    Ten and eight. Not sure how that smiley got in there.

  6. dbsm

    I love coming to your site to watch these clips. This was a hilarious relief after the stress of an exam I’m certain I didn’t pass. More! More! More!

    Oh, and when you posted the clip from the movie Grace, I actually ended up watching the entire movie on Netflix. It was an interesting, feminist twanged horror movie. I recommended it to my friend who’s in women’s studies.

  7. Rose

    The scene kinda pissed me off, actually. I felt like the filmmakers were mocking NUCB and EBF.

  8. Ally

    Sounded like goat… am I right?