7 responses to “Kestrel – a homebirth”

  1. diana

    thanks for writing and sharing it bel. it’s wonderful to read about what you were experiencing while i lay awake in my bed, too excited to sleep, sending you loving birthing vibes :) in awe of you and thrilled for you four…

  2. Karen

    OMG . . . .so beautiful . . . I felt that cool breeze surround me as I read . . . . the beauty of birth is profound . . . women are amazing ( that includes you my dear Lisa . . you are my continued inspiration . . . don’t know if I’ve ever told you . . . .but you are ! :)

  3. Hellena Post

    Ah darlin woman!! How beautifully written, and so wonderfully conveying the love you feel between you all. What a magical experience, and what a magical partnership that has brought such love into the world:) Really loved catching up with you all at Maccy the other week, and your little Kestrel is GORGEOUS!! And now I read the story it’s easy to see why:)

  4. Kemi Johnson

    I’m deeply moved by this post. It speaks to me as a mother and me as a midwife/supporter. This wonderful gift that you all are sharing will be of profound benefit to the women on the planet who are slowing waking up to the truth, power and beauty of birth. The courage and love of people like you is revealing birth for others. Lisa you are an inspiration to me. Thank you from the depths of my heart.

  5. Laureen

    Oh, how fun. I homebirthed (VBAC) a Kestrel. Except he’s a boy, not a girl, and we hadn’t discovered Michael Franti quite yet. But I used the same Kestrel photo in my birth story. And my Kestrel also has an older brother, but he’s a Rowan.

    Congrats, Mama. =)

  6. Serena26

    So beautiful! I loved the part where you describe your husband – simple words but so much love and respect!

  7. Danielle777

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. We arent pregnant yet but have decided 2012 is our year :-) I ALWAYS wanted to have a homebirth and have been warming hubby up to the idea. Birthing is so often portrayed as a time of fear and danger and so clinical, but what you described is something totally opposite, something out of this world, amazing, spiritual, peaceful, courageous & empowering. Thankyou again!