7 responses to “No pics of your birth”

  1. Cassie

    More reason for me to choose Homebirth I honestly don’t see why our rights as women should be infringed just to cover their backsides!! I knew as soon as I saw it, it was for a cover up incase they stuff up. I also love you comment to Dr Pasce “wouldn’t it show just how safe his hospitals are” haha If I want my birth filmed it WILLL get filmed. Just keep giving us more reason to choose homebirth Pascey!!

  2. Meg

    I am speechless. Invading whose privacy? Sickening they think they can get away with anything.
    If I am ever unfortunate enough to be in a hospital for a birth again, any staff not wishing to be videotaped will be welcome to leave. The less of them around the better.

  3. Gloria Lemay

    There was 20/20 tv program on this exact subject some years ago (from the U.S.) So many lawsuits have been won by families with video tape despite the fact that the drs/nurses say that what is actually on the videotape did not happen.

    The tape doesn’t lie, right? One lawyer on the program actually stated that the hospital notes tell a more accurate story than a videotape.

  4. Amy in Oz

    While they approach pregnancy and birth as “their” property, and that women are simply the grateful but helpless recipients of their god-like skills and knowledge, this kind of sh** will keep happening – atrocious! My hubby is a minister, I should let him know that he has a right to not be filmed during work! I bet he’d make front page of the paper if he told a bride that!

  5. Kristin

    Hmm yes the photography is clearly the issue here.. not the bungled births which caused the payouts in the first place. Total logic fail. When are people going to start putting 2 and 2 together and realising that the hospitals will always serve their own needs above the needs of their clients.

  6. racler

    I also believe if better malpractice reform existed and there was improved support and services for babies and families with CP and similar conditions, we’d be in a much better place. It is sad that many providers practice defensively aka CYA practicing.

  7. Oubli

    Have you seen Pregnant in America? They went in to film a relative’s birth and the hospital actually tried to ‘confiscate’ the tape afterwards and when they refused to turn it over, the hospital administrators threaten to call the police on them!

    My best friend Mikey was picked to video my birth at the hospital and I knew their would come a time when someone would ‘request’ that the camera be turned off – I told him I would break his legs if he turned it off. They request came and he lowered the camera but didn’t turn it off – he caught the whole thing on tape for me! Thanks Mikey!

    In retrospect there was a good 5 minutes missing from my memory because I kinda passed out after she was born (being in labor for 24 hours will do that to ya), right before I passed out I thought I heard someone say, ‘She’s not breathing.’ Reviewing the video later it turned out I imagined that – thank the Goddess BUT if it hadn’t been for the tape I would have been left wondering about those 5 minutes I missed right after my daughter’s birth for the rest of my life.

    Hospitals and their liability issues shouldn’t dictate camera and video policies, maternity wards need to get with the program of respecting women and then maybe they wouldn’t be so damnably scared of being videoed.

    Love the blog!