6 responses to “Absurd Birth Scenes – Grace”

  1. Bettie

    I particularly enjoyed the DeLee filled with creepy black stuff, that was a nice touch.

  2. LeTara

    i have seen this one….. creepy movie..

  3. SungaiKecil

    This has had me in stitches, I think I might even watch the crazy zombaby film!

  4. Miri

    Actually, besides the lack of cord, the absense of a third stage would be believable, aren’t women usually given at least 30-60min to birth the placenta? But eating the placenta would have been an awesome touch.

    As far as absurb scenes go, its probably one of the less absurd (to me) – although i do think patricia’s reluctance to hand the baby over was unnecessary :-( i would hate it if a midwife took that long to give me my baby, living or not.

    Thanks for sharing Lisa! this is a genre i would never watch, so its interesting to see how they present birth ;-)

  5. Sheridan

    That’s why I caught my own baby last time and will be catching the next, so no one takes too long to hand him or her over!!

  6. XxKaulitzWisherxx

    THIS IS A DOLL!!!! :O