11 responses to “Homebirth after 2 sections”

  1. Beck

    Amazing :) .

  2. Sheri Brinkmeyer

    So beautiful. I shared the smiling newborn picture with my husband with the comment “who knew newborns could smile?” His response “they don’t do that in hospitals.” So lovely. Congrats on the lovely birth.

  3. Renee

    What a great pic of that happy baby! Thanks for sharing, I am getting ready to HBAC in the next few weeks or so, I love to read these!

  4. suzanne

    how precious, what an amazing moment.

  5. Allison

    Fantastic!!! x

  6. Angie Duff

    Beautiful story! Thanks, and the pics are lovely, beautiful smile from a newborn :) My homeborn bubbas smiled early as well…

  7. Becca J

    I have tears in my eyes! I have had 2 emergency C’s after wanting only natural births. I feel exactly how Cassie felt after her c’s like I was pushed into them and didn’t really know any better to question the Dr’s advice. This story gives me hope that maybe one day, if I ever have anymore babies, that I too can have the birth I always wanted. Well done Cassie and Thank you Lisa for doing what you do so mother’s like us can have the birth we dreamed about.

  8. Barbara

    Amazing. So beautiful!! I love the picture of her smiling at you! My second favorite is the picture of your husband supporting you while laying on the couch!
    Thank you for sharing such a sacred event.

  9. Keeley

    So beautiful, so inspiring. A huge congratulations to you and your happy family xx

  10. The WellRounded Mama

    Lovely story, and WONDERFUL picture of the baby’s smile. Thank you for sharing!

    I collect VBA2C stories on my website. If you’d like to submit your story for there, or just have a link to here for your story, that’d be cool. So important to document that VBAC after 2 Cesareans actually can and DOES happen!

    Again, congrats to all!

    -WellRounded Mama, also a VBA2C mama

  11. Kate Cornfoot

    What a joyous and triumphant story! You can just tell from the beautiful smile on your face after the birth that despite all the pain, all those long hours of not knowing when your baby would arrive, that you are blissed out from birthing on your terms, not a hospital’s. A big congratulations!