5 Album Covers Featuring Childbirth

You don’t see many birth scenes on album covers do you? I suppose you might be wondering why anyone would want to feature childbirth on an album cover. But wait! Think of all the songs that have been written about birth. Freddy Mercury was “Born to love you“, Steppenwolf  was “Born to be wild” and Bruce Springsteen was “Born in the USA“. Personally, I think a nice photo of “The Boss” popping out of his mother’s vagina and being wrapped in the stars & stripes would have been very appropriate.

Death on the other hand doesn’t have the same taboo. Check out any metal band and you’re going to be hard pressed to avoid it. The more gruesome the death the better.

Surely death is more offensive than birth. We all have first hand experience of birth and except for a few religious eccentrics none of us have experienced death. We’d all prefer to be born than to die, yet it is birth that is censured and not death. We still live in such a prude society.

Babies on album covers are OK it seems, as long as they are not too fresh. And there are plenty of songs featuring babies too, except those babies actually refer to adult women!?!

So here are 5 album covers that somehow broke the taboo and actually got born. Well done if you recognise any.  Somehow I doubt if any of them received a fanfare of promotional publicity.

1. Three Dog Night – Hard Labor

Three Dog Night were the first to have a stab at childbirth on an album cover, but back in 1974 even this tame interpretation was considered too risque. Not even a doll’s head, alien feet, excessive drapes and an LP record over the vagina could save it and it was quickly censored with a large band-aid plastered across the “rude bits”.

Click the image to see the version that most people received.

Three Dog Night - Hard Labor - Album Cover

2. Chumbawamba – Anarchy

Well, what can you say? How times have changed? I bet you didn’t see any promotional posters of this at your record store. Not quite sure why it’s called anarchy. I was going to suggest it must have been a homebirth to earn that title, but there’s enough in the photo to suggest it’s a hospital birth. I suppose simply being born out of a vagina is anarchy in the eyes of most obstetricians.

Chumbawamba - Anarchy - Album Cover

3. Acheron – Rebirth

Mmm, I wonder if this is a heavy metal album? This picture is very interesting as it portrays what your average Doctor considers to be a homebirth. I’m the one on the left with the dark cloak.

Acheron - Rebirth - Album Cover

4. Cannibal Corpse – The Wretched Spawn

Wow triplets -you don’t see that everyday let alone on an album cover. I’m amazed the woman has the strength to support herself. This picture, if it isn’t obvious, shows where obstetricians go when they die. I’m not sure if it’s their version of heaven or hell, but just hope you don’t end up there as well. Notice the spiked forceps on the waist of the dude with the knife. Fabulous touch. Now I’m sure -  it’s definately Ob heaven!

Cannibal Corpse - The Wretched Spawn - Album Cover

5. Cannibal Corpse – Butchered At Birth

Cannibal Corpse again. I get the feeling that somebody in the band had a bad birth experience. The obstetricians in this picture are really having fun. It must be room 101 of a hospital near you. You know the place that exists but must never be mentioned, where they are eternally sorry but did all they could . Well we all know doctors have to train somewhere right?

Cannibal Corpse - Butchered At Birth - Album Cover

If you know of any other album covers featuring births please let me know in the comments.

8 responses to “5 Album Covers Featuring Childbirth”

  1. D'Anne

    Lisa, if you’re the one on the left with the dark cloak, I must be the one on the right. I did a birth with my midwife shortly after the birth we all knew would take her down. Was an overcast drizzly day when I arrived at the double-wide at the end of a gravel road. This woman had been a bleeder at her first birth–lied about her crap diet and the placenta was friable. She learned her lesson and this birth went well. As we left, I pulled on my black embossed cape/coat and Cynthia said, “Oh, Jesus if you’re going to dress like that, they will get us for being witches!” Twas a light hearted moment before the shit hit the fan. I didn’t think we’d get through it, but finally 11 years later, she and I are learning to breath again. Thankx for the laugh, and thankx for the visuals :)

  2. veronica

    finally some photos that represents what my births felt like!

  3. Nicole G

    4 out of 5 are completely disgusting eye-sores….. What does everyone else think???

  4. suzanne

    i shouldn’t have looked, but was too curious, ill probably have nightmares now.

  5. Jeanice Barcelo

    Several of these are satanic-based images or ritual torture and murder of infants. These images are horrifying.

    1. A Shade Of Blue

      Yes they are pretty gross. The sad thing is that it’s probably easier to get the satanic/murderous ones past the censors than more authentic birth shots. I imagine most of those albums are aimed at teenage boys who would probably be more horrified at a photo of a real birth that they are of satanic butchery. In-fact, the same could be said of the many parents who are still living in the Victorian era when it comes to enlightening their children about sex and reproduction.

      If all those pictures were published on facebook which do you suppose would get pulled by the nipple Nazis?

      It would be interesting for a teenager to rate the pictures. I bet the album cover showing the real birth would be the least favorite.

  6. ladyg

    I also think its sad that the home birth is equated with satanic ritual…. judgment anyone?