8 responses to “Absurd Birth Scenes – Parenthood”

  1. umatji

    good god I sweated just watching!
    hope you are good.

  2. annie

    I’m not so sure the size of the baby is that unreasonable. All of mine were big, ranging from 4.750kg to 5.050kg not that I managed to push any of them out, being only 158cm tall myself. Depends on your comparison I suppose, all TV birth scenes suck anyway.

    1. Abbas

      lolx, its just a way millions of babies come into this world

  3. Murasaki

    That baby is about 7kg which is what, 15pounds? There abouts?

    I thought the reason for the “Helen’s fine” is because shes soooooo old. Also the assumption is that its someone else having a baby yeah? You dont realise its Helen until its out.

    Love Keanu Reeves in that movie.

  4. A Shade Of Blue

    I have a vague recollection of quite an old movie where the baby was ridiculously large – like several months old. I wish I could remember what it was.

    From those that Lisa has reviewed it does appear that most modern movies make the effort to use a fairly newborn baby. Parenthood is an exception, but I’m sure there’s much worse out there.

    Great movie though. I was amazed at Joaquin Phoenix. He looked so familiar but I couldn’t quite place him. Then the penny dropped.

  5. Gloria Lemay

    If you like Parenthood (I concur), you’ll love “Father of the Bride”. Steve Martin does a Dad so well.

  6. Jessica

    They could have used a younger baby I think. Maybe the size is okay but I am a mother of three and that doesn’t look at all like a newborn but, its movie, right?

    1. Allie

      I’m not easily imepressd but you’ve done it with that posting.