4 responses to “have a problem? what’s the solution?”

  1. Oliando

    I didn’t hear all the presentations, and whilst my well prepared effort was pretty useless in the face of things (consumer, who didn’t get to speak) perhaps you would have been more impressed if Sonja had been allowed to give her statement, and if she and Justine had not been interrupted by people ignoring them to chat or being phenomenally dismissive, and then dismissed! That might be why they didn’t say enough….?
    also, I heard an answer given when asked what a workable solution might be….?

    It wasn’t a friendly room, I think your assessment is unfair.

  2. Sonja MacGregor

    Whilst I agree with your comments regarding the senate, two of us with well prepared statements were not given the opportunity to present them. I know that mine contained many of the things you have said were missed. I am disappointed that we did not have the opportunity to say what needed to be said, but couldn’t do much when they dismissed us and 2 of them walked from the room before we even realised that it was over.

  3. Meg

    Thanks for this Lisa, Chloe and Sonja. It’s hard to keep abreast of it all when no one bloody reports on it and when they do the only accurate information is all written between the lines.