6 responses to “The lotus Birth of Faith”

  1. Allison Croft

    Oh Tif what a beautiful gift u have been given. Thank you for sharing your story it brought tears to my eyes and a warm tender feeling in my heart. What a perfect start for your new lives together, congratulations and well done darling xxx

  2. Meg

    Wow! Your story is wonderful, particularly the tale of all the preparation you put in before you met your babe. A tale of strength and beauty, thank you! You inspire me to rewrite my son’s birth story in a different light.

  3. Kat Wiliams

    Tears, tears, tears. Truth, beauty, love. Just gorgeous, thank you so much for sharing it xx

  4. Kate Cornfoot

    Beautiful, inspiring, and so articulate. What really stood out for me was how willing and able you were to process and grieve and cry, in order to be ready to receive your precious girl. I see such strength in the ability to cry and emote – so many people really struggle to connect with these kinds of emotions, let alone release them – and I feel like something really clicked in my mind for my next labour, about letting go of emotion so that it can pass.
    Thank you for such an exquisite story.

  5. Sharyn Yelland

    Beautiful Tiffany your mum is so proud of you, we spent so much time so many years ago hoping for health love and happiness for our children. Always look forward never back. Have Faith , Faith is your future , faith is your strength and your spiritual awakening. Enjoy , I am touched, happy sad and moved all at once.
    Much love Sharyn

  6. Hannah

    I love the little smile lisa has on her face when you’re preparing to push Faith out. Gosh its a beautiful birth story x