12 responses to “Final result of high court.”

  1. Claire

    Man, that sucks. I’m so sorry.

  2. Kimberley

    I’m very sorry. This news has had me in tears.
    I’d like to donate to your ongoing court costs but it appears that your donate button is not working. I’d like to make a few small contributions as I can afford to do it. Is there a way I can deposit donations directly to you in leiu of using your donate button?

  3. Bethany

    I’m so glad to see this is part of the reason why Australia has abysmal perinatal mortality rates in homebirths. Because misogynistic women like yourself continue to put mothers and babies at risk because you refuse to acknowledge reality…the reality that you simply cannot deliver babies safely. And when you are faced with the ugly truth, you argue by saying that the baby was never alive?
    I truly cannot believe that you claim to empower women and their families. This is appalling, and I cannot imagine how much pain you must have put this mother through.

    1. Danielle

      Bethany, you should not believe all the bullshit that the APA like to spit out as fact! One of the main reasons that the homebirth death rate is misrepresented as “high” is very often women that have a pregnancy with a KNOWN foetal abnormality that is incompatible with life will decide to continue that pregnancy and birth at home so that they can have time with their baby in their home not a foreign, clinical, sterile environment of a hospital surrounded by strangers! For the tiny percentage of homebirths that occur in Australia, a handful of those that decide to birth at home for that reason should NOT be included in the statistics, but are, because it makes the doctors feel better about their position on homebirth… a situation they cannot control!!! Another reason is those women that REFUSE to transfer to hospital despite their midwife’s advice to do so. What do you suggest the midwife do? Assault the woman and physically force her into an ambulance, or walk out and simply abandon her to deal with it on her own??? Midwives DO NOT and WILL NOT practice like that. We are there for women… it should not be the baby’s life at ALL costs! Women are not stupid and they make their choices and THEY are the ones that live with any consequences they might have. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO TELL SOMEONE WHERE THEY CAN OR CANNOT BIRTH!!! Clearly homebirth is not for you… and that is fine… but woman to woman… you need to respect the choices of your sisters. I urge you to read Gaylee’s post from the 21st December, 2010.

      “Andrew – I birthed my last child at home. It was a HBAC and I got a far better result than I would in a hospital. For starters, I don’t have to worry about the high infection rates


      Or worry about breaking my hip due to faulty hospital


      Or accidentally be injected into my spine with antiseptic fluid:


      Or bleed to death after a c section:


      In NSW alone, your home state, MEDICAL negligence that has left babies with brain damage and mothers permanently scarred has cost the State Government $115 million in compensation over the past five years.


      Or be involved in a drug trial without obtaining consent and then have a disabled child because of it


      Or be forced to miscarry in the hospital toilet:


      Or have the abusive Ob break my child’s leg during a c section:


      Or the same abusive Ob arrive to work drunk and perform an internal with no gloves on:


      Or the same abusive Ob roughly deliver my child which is now diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy:


      Do you want me to keep going to show just how utterly unsafe a hospital is to birth a baby in? You are insane if you think that hospitals are safer! Control does not equal safe Dr Pesce.”

    2. Melanie Mein

      Wow, that is unbelievably venomous…I am a midwife and a shoulder dystocia amongst a midwife or doctor’s worst nightmare scenarios. As has been stated, this emergency does not depend upon where you are….I have been at the hospital with exactly the same scenario and exactly the same outcome….these are just not preventable and you just have to work with it at the time to til the baby is out. As stated by Lisa herself also, the mother is not part of the witch hunt due to the outcome, surely that should speak volumes!
      Lisa, I know how you must be feeling and having comments like this thrown at you must be hurtful. You must be incredibly brave and courageous and I wish you well.

  4. Joy Jones

    I just now heard about this. I am so sorry that you are being put through this. My heart is with you.

  5. Lori

    Hhm, I guess Australia had better stop doing organ transplants w/ “cadaver” organs since it looks like the court just ruled many heart donors to be “alive” at organ harvest.

  6. Debbie

    After just having had a traumatic emergency caesarean in an SA private hospital, can totally understand why some women want to labour at home after that. I was coerced into an early epidural as soon as I got to the hospital by a nurse who thought I was moving around too much to be monitored. I think this contributed to the c section as I got to 10 cm but could not push baby out. Was so shell shocked I could not look at baby after c section, was feeling too sick to hold her, totally missed the first hours of her life. I won’t birth in a hospital again.

  7. Anna

    Good luck Lisa- I am sure you did the best you could under those awful circumstances.
    On a positive note I love looking at your website and reading of mothers and fathers wonderful experiences home birthing. And its for this reason and others that I am going to have my first baby at home in a few weeks and I am looking forward to the experience. As with any birth there is an element of risk involved but what draws me to home birth is being in the comfort and safety of my home amongst my family and friends and wonderful midwife to guide me all the way. I think its ignorance that leads people to make such grandiose uneducated comments and I just wish they would speak from their own life experiences before raving on. All the best Lisa- Keep up the informative website-I love it