About Me

Lisa BarrettMy name is Lisa Barrett; I was a midwife for over 20 years. I trained in the UK and worked there gaining experience both being in charge of a maternity unit and in the community until 2002 when myself, my husband and our 4 children made the big decision to move to Australia. As part of coming to this Country my visa required that I work inside the system and I was in charge of the maternity unit at Ashford hospital. I did this for 2 years as once I became a permanent resident of Australia I once again started working in the community.

I believe that pregnancy is a natural part of the life cycle and not an illness.

Throughout your pregnancy together we learn about your body and your baby, you become familiar with what is happening and will have total knowledge of the birth process making you 100% confident in the knowledge that birthing your baby is a normal event. In your own home with friends and family around you birth is truly the miracle of life not a traumatic medical situation.

I am experienced in all types of birth and this includes birthing at home with babies in a breech position, twins and birth after caesarean.Anyone who believes they want and need this service should be entitled to get it.