Can I claim for a homebirth on my medical insurance?

This is sometimes possible, but it really depends on the individual insurance company. Some people  have successfully claimed with Teachers, defence fund & mutual community. There is a full list on belly-belly website. The insurance company may require a detailed invoice of your care.

What equipment do  midwives carry?

All first line management equipment that would typically be available at a hospital:

  • Syntometrine (A drug used at the hospital for birth of the placenta, helps stop bleeding if required)
  • Oxygen and baby resus equipment
  • Manual suction
  • Needles & syringes, blood taking equipment.
  • IV equipment.
  • Cord ties
  • Konakion (vit k)
  • Box for birth, towels blankets baby blankets, tarp
  • Mirror torch poop scoop
  • Blood Pressure machine, water proof doppler
  • Birth pool, hose
  • Weighing scales and tape measure
  • Water heater
  • Aromatherapy oils

What do I need to provide for the birth?

  • A plastic container (e.g. a large ice-cream tub) to hold placenta
  • A towel to wrap baby
  • Large bath towel or robe for getting in and out of the water
  • Calico type bag for holding baby when weighing
  • Refreshments to help the midwife to keep up her energy – I really like liquorice ;-)

I am planning a hospital birth, would your midwife stay with you?

well it is possible to take an independent midwife with you as an advocate for a birth at the hospital. However sometimes this role is better filled by a doula.

What happens if I’m bleeding?

There are many natural initial options to help with blood loss. Rubbing up a contraction in your uterus and breast feeding your baby being two easy ones. If all has been tried and unsuccessful midwives carry the drug given at the hospital to stop bleeding. Syntometrine or Syntocinon and they can be administered to you at home.

What if we have to transfer to hospital?

If a complication occurs in your labour, in collaboration with your midwife you may decide go to the hospital for further collaboration in this case your midwife may advocate for your needs and wishes and provide a wedge and communication between you and the hospital. You are not left to deal with things by yourself.

Are you able to do tests and ultrasound?

After hearing all the information available regarding the testing done on pregnant women through their labour and birth you decide you require these then it is possible to have them done either through the hospital system or privately. Unfortunately it is with collaboration, as Independent midwives do not have the right to provide this service due to lack of a provider number.