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I want to explain a few things about this blog. What it is. What it isn’t. And why it exists at all.

Before I start you should know that I am not very IT literate. You may be surprised to hear that although I have been using the Internet since 1993, my technical skills have not moved forward with similar leaps and bounds. Actually I hate it when things on the computer change, I would still be using my little MS-DOS emailer if I had my way. So when I do this or this I start thinking I’m pretty clever. I’m approaching guru status when I actually upload a centre formatted photo with subscripted text underneath.

Birth Tatoo

My tattoo - makes me a tech guru and birth mad!

Sometimes my written articles will appear a bit disjointed. Sorry it’s just the way I am. You should see the inside of my car! Fortunately my husband’s a bit pedantic and will eventually tidy up my articles to his standards. You know capital letters, full stops, neatly formatted paragraphs. Tut Tut!

What this blog is. Well predominantly it’s where I can air my vocal and often contrary opinions on birth and midwifery. A place where I can’t be silenced my mediocrity and apathy. I know there are many like-minded folk and I hope that sharing my professional experience and opinion will encourage others to open their eyes to what is happening in the birth business. Many women look for as much information as possible before making an educated birthing decision, and as a picture paints a thousand words I’ll be publishing plenty of unique photographs and video courtesy of my clients. These women are as enthusiastic to inspire others to follow in their footsteps as I am.

What this blog isn’t. It’s not going to be a personal diary. I won’t be writing about what movie I saw at the cinema. Well not unless it has a birth angle (I would just like to mention that the breath taking unrealism of most movie births turns me into a jabbering, crazy person). Also I won’t be posting cute photos of my kids or my trip to the beach. In fact it won’t contain anything that is not related to birth.

How it all got started. You see the pedantic one had been pestering me for ages about creating a website. He knowingly observed how difficult it was for women to find information about homebirth, let alone a midwife that would support her. A website would be great idea he informed me. “Yes, you’re right”, I said “Go to it!”.
“I can’t write about birth, you have to do it.”, he argued.

So there we had 2 problem.

  1. A website sounds really technical. Now that’s a red flag situation. Like I’ve only just got used to CDs, those mp3 thingies are still 100% alien.
  2. I’m a talker, not a writer. I can do an oral presentation in front of hundreds, just don’t ask me to write it down. Then there’s writing with a blank page – where do you start? I’ve got writers block already.

Well after a lot (and I mean a lot) of nagging, between us we got a few pages written about my business. He created and set-up a blogger account for me as he thought that even a technophobe like me could use it. However, being pedantic he wasn’t happy with the quality of my pages and thought I should write some more. Pah! I was on strike. So there my poor blog lay, for 9 months co-incidentally, unpublished and only the 2 of us able to look at it.

Fast forward to March 2008. Honey, a student midwife friend of mine from Queensland was staying with us. One evening we started talking about websites and Honey and the pedantic one were extolling the virtues of having an online presence. “I’ve got a website”, I exclaimed, “but nobody can see it”. So a heated debate ensued, the upshot of which was me finally giving birth to my website. As it was now live I quickly fed it with a few more pages whilst the pedantic one thoughtfully registered me the domain and tinkered with it so I could see if I had any visitors.

Thanks to the women. Of course this blog wouldn’t be half as interesting without the fantastic contributions of all the women that have allowed me to show their photos and continue to provide pictures and suggestions for this site. Most of the pictures are incredibly personal and taken by partners or loved ones. Lots have been taken in the dark with modern technology. Sharing is an important way to spread the word. Birth is glorious, wonderful, scary, exhilarating and rewarding. Women are doing it every day in the safety of their own home.

So there you have it. First and foremost I am a midwife, but now I am a bit of a blogaholic too. A bit late to the scene I know, but enjoying myself all the same.

7 responses to “This Blog”

  1. goodgracie

    Better late than never, Lisa! I’m finding it fascinating reading in lieu of our weekly chats over cappuccino (sans chocolate for you). Keep up your battle with the technology and the birthing status quo.


  2. Pamela

    I’m grateful that you’re here. :)

  3. Annmarie

    I really enjoyed that post!

    Made me laugh a lot, Read it to Damien, who suggested that bits of it sounded like me LOL. Mainly lack of capitals, punctuation,etc (he dislikes untidy text messages)

  4. Lisa Barrett

    Tell Damien that too much order is a little boring. I’ll start working on my texts.

  5. Annmarie

    Well you know the pedantic one could also work for a title for Damien :) - maybe they should both be employed as editors!

  6. Jelikin

    Hi, this is the pedantic one and I’m currently sort of on strike. You see every time I’ve made changes or offered constructive criticism Lisa got in a huff. So I’ve taken off my editor’s cap for the moment.

    Yes, bad grammar and poorly laid out text really irk me. Perhaps I’m in a minority and pedantic people are even fewer in numbers than home birthers.

    So I’m just waiting for her posts to start filling up with animated gifs now I’m not holding her back. I jest not. Have you ever had an MSN conversation with her? Emoticons are so prevalent that the page resembles a toddler’s read by pictures book.

    Lisa genuinely doesn’t notice any of this. So it must be me!

    If we were painting a room and only had 4 small pots of paint, each a different shade, Lisa would allocate 1 pot per wall. I, on the other hand, would mix them together so the entire room was the same colour. Yes I am that boring!

    God knows how we’ve been married so long. Either the imbalance makes for a good whole or I’m simply an irresistible sexual dynamo.

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